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The Buttons Baby Blanket (aka The B.B. Blanket or The B.B.B.) : make it or not?

In February I started a small, but industrious project, which I completed before the Easter weekend ...   I had a big (500g !) yarn ball in silver (from Robin DK 500g ) and I wanted to use it since a long time, so I collected a pile of crochet patterns books from my bookcase and I started to browse trough them all ... It didn't take a long time to find the right pattern. I wanted something different and challenging in various ways... First, I never tried a ripple pattern before, NEVER ! Unbelievable, if you think how easy it is and how common it is between the blankets makers!! There is always a first time, right? The other thing that I was dreading was to start a long foundation chain for the blanket to be, but the pattern I found didn't need one!!!! How great was that!!! You "just" need to crochet "some" circles to start your blanket : I know, this could be a time consuming task, but it made my blanket special ! Worth it!   The pattern

Make it ! Bunnies Galore Bun(-ny!)ting !!!

This year, our Easter will be full of bunnies !!!! In fact, I have just completed a crocheted garland, not too big, with some colourful bunnies ... If you are a fan of the Easter Bunny (who is not?) I invite you to follow my directions and to collect all you need to crochet these sweet creatures : a hook (4mm) some yarn (I've been using a selection of filati cervinia caprice) a pair of scissors some buttons to use as eyes a pom pom maker (optional) : 2cm diameter yarn needle a needle that passes through the buttons holes toy stuffing I decided to use the white yarn as the main colour for the  bunnies muzzles and please remember that I follow the US crochet terminology! ;oD LET'S START !!! Grab your hook and make a slip knot on it, using the white yarn. Chain 4 and push the hook in the first chain made, to form a ring. FIRST ROUND : chain 2 and crochet 12 double crochets into the ring. Slip stitch in top of first DC (=double crochet) to close the round