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A stroll for post #100!!!!

100 posts!!!! But not yet 100 strolls in JK!!! Anyway, have a look!!! So, here we are!!! Very happy to celebrate my post #100!!! Unbelievable!!!! I think that for one week, starting from tomorrow, I'll take a break from my blog...!!! Infact, with the boys and Paolo, I'm going to Lombok to enjoy the seaside : Easter Holidays !!! We have planned even some cultural visits, so my camera will be with me everywhere....When back home, I'll show you all the wonderful things that my eyes will be able to capture with the help of my photo camera!!! See you soon, xxxx

Make it! Knitted elongate heart!

..Something lovely, simple and modern at the same time! It's the perfect project for little stash of yarn and it takes just half an hour (more or less!) to be knitted! So, let's start the fun! You'll need : a pair of straight knitting needles 4mm (...even longer than mine! That was only an aesthetical choice!) 2 yarn balls in the colours you prefer a pair of scissors a tapestry needle a stitch holder Basic knitting know-how : cast on and slip knot knit (k) (garter stitch) increase method : kfb (knit into front and back of the same stitch) decrease method : k2tog (knit two stitches together) turn The pattern you'll follow : cast on 2 stitches (slip knot and one more stitch) row 1, row 2 : knit 2 stitches row 3 : kfb first stitch, kfb the second stitch (now you have 4 stitches on your knitting needle) row 4, row 5, row 6 : knit 4 stitches row 7 : kfb first stitch, knit 2 stitches, kfb last stitch (6 stitches) row 8, row 9, row 10 : knit 6 s