Monday, 30 April 2012

Fancy a jump on the trampoline??? ;-)))))

It's less than half an hour that is raining over our heads, that luckily are under a safe roof!!!
You see how much water??

I know water is good (just look at the greenery!), but my cervical is not of the same opinion.....sigh.....!!!

See you soon, xxxx

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Make it! Flat in moss stitch (part two)!!!

...So now you can complete your Flat or a bunch of them!!!

You'll need to collect :
  • Your knitted Flat-to-be
  • 2 buttons for the eyes
  • 1 button for the nose
  • some colourful yarn
  • a tapestry needle
  • a pin back to sew on
  • some threads to sew on the buttons and needles of the right size to do that!!!
  • a pair of scissors
When you choose the buttons for your Flat, try them on your knitted work to check size and right colour and the perfect position

When done, the first thing to do is weave in the ends. Luckily, Flat is knitted in one piece, so there is just a bit of tails to weave in! Pick up your tapestry needle

and thread the needle

and begin the weave in in the back of the first leg, passing the threads in one stitch of your work

Weave in other two stitches, horizontally

then, cut the threads very close to your work, paying attention not to cut Flat's leg!

With the scissors I show you the right point where  I cut the yarn tails: almost invisible!!

Usually, Flat is a little guy to pin on (bags, jackets, soft furniture, hats, etc...), so that's why I need a pin back and some colourful thread...

Before sewing the pin, I try it on the work (on Flat's back!) to check the proper spot

Then, some sewing and it's done!

Now, I need some blue floss for his eyes and nose

I like to fix the buttons properly on my work, so I show you what I usually do. I thread the floss in the needle and I double it, making a knot at the opposite end from the needle. Then I pass the needle in the front of the work (Flat's face) trough one stitch (more or less the stitch is the one corresponding to the eye's/button's center!)

and I pass the needle trough the floss loop, then pull it

At this point, I sew the first button/eye, making the thread pass the button's holes at least 3 times

In the same way, still using the same floss, sew on the other button/eye!

and now the button for the nose, still with the same strand

the button slide along the thread

pull it till the button is no more dangling and repeat it 2 more times. When done, fix the strands in the back of your work, passing them in some knitted stitches and after that make a safe number of knots!

Ok! To continue with our project, I need to cut some yarn to sew up  Flat's body!
I need even the tapestry needle!

I'll use the blanket stitch (to refresh your familiarity with this embellishing stitch, please check some videos on YouTube! thank you!) and I like to work with two strands of yarn.
Take the left side (the one facing you, that is the right one for Flat, instead!) of the funny guy between the fingers of one hand, while with the other hand pass the tapestry needle in the top corner of Flat's head

Pull it and before reaching the knot, pass the needle trough the strands loop

Pull now tightly till the end... that you have anchored the strands to Flat's head!

Let's start the blanket stitch! After few stitches done, you'll have something like this

while on the back....

Continue in this way until you reach the first arm of Flat

No worries! Just fold this arm towards yourself and go on with the blanket stitch

This is how it looks like in the back

Proceed until you reach the first leg. This time, instead, you need to fold this "limb" backwards

As you can see, the difference with the arm is that the stitch is in the front now, not in the back as before

If you look from Flat's back, you'll see

Go on with the stitching and reach the second leg

The second leg will show it's blanket stitches on it's back (you have to fold the leg towards you while sewing, as for the first arm!)

We can go on with the blanket stitch and the second arm has to be folded backwards (proceed as for the first leg, this time!). Then, reach the top of the head, tie one/two knots, pass the needle through Flat's body, make it appear anywhere from the work, pull a little bit and cut. With the release of the strands, these ones will hide inside Flat's body!!! Well, you did a great job!

...and side B vision....

Just to have an idea about Flat's size, have a look at the following picture

This funny guy has lots of friends, but all knitted with the basket weave stitch (do you like them more?)

and this is the tag that goes with them

I hope you did enjoy this project! Note that Flat is not supposed to be considered as a soft toy for children!
But if you prefer a friendly-child version, please :
  • don't sew a pin on the back
  • don't use buttons
  • use felt for eyes and nose
  • if you like, stuff Flat with some toy stuffing!
Have fun with it! If you have any problem/question, don't hesitate to contact me (here)! Thank you!

See you soon, xxxx


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