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Fancy a jump on the trampoline??? ;-)))))

It's less than half an hour that is raining over our heads, that luckily are under a safe roof!!! You see how much water?? I know water is good (just look at the greenery!), but my cervical is not of the same opinion.....sigh.....!!! See you soon, xxxx

Make it! Flat in moss stitch (part two)!!!

...So now you can complete your Flat or a bunch of them!!! You'll need to collect : Your knitted Flat-to-be 2 buttons for the eyes 1 button for the nose some colourful yarn a tapestry needle a pin back to sew on some threads to sew on the buttons and needles of the right size to do that!!! a pair of scissors When you choose the buttons for your Flat, try them on your knitted work to check size and right colour and the perfect position When done, the first thing to do is weave in the ends. Luckily, Flat is knitted in one piece, so there is just a bit of tails to weave in! Pick up your tapestry needle and thread the needle and begin the weave in in the back of the first leg, passing the threads in one stitch of your work Weave in other two stitches, horizontally then, cut the threads very close to your work, paying attention not to cut Flat's leg! With the scissors I show you the right point where  I cut the yarn tails: almost invisib