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Another gift and ...

The husband (and colleague of Paolo) of a dear friend of mine is arriving today in Maputo for a work meeting. He is bringing in his luggage lots of food for our kitty Margot, who needs a specific diet because of her thyroid problems … So as a big thank you, I crocheted a colourful scarf for my dear friend (her husband, instead, will enjoy a homemade dinner by us!) … I worked with a 4mm hook with some MERINO MIX by Katia and some WASH'n'WEAR from Sirdar. The pattern (again!) is from a Japanese crochet book (shown in pictures) and the pattern is #19 ! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- …. and then some news … We have to move in a new flat in a couple of weeks…… …. so I'm packing again….. not nice, I tell you …. even because we are moving in a temporary apartment, that is furnished…. so our furniture has to be stored in another place, while we'll have some luggages wit

Make it ! Mini Bags to hang on the Easter Tree (… and fill them with little chocolate eggs!) !!!

… In few weeks The Easter Bunny will come hopping and with a huge amount of chocolate …. at least I really hope so!!!! And I will be ready !!!! Some colourful mini bags are already hanging from my Easter Tree … … with some other dangling things (eggs, bunnies and chicks!) WHAT DO YOU NEED TO START ?  hook (I've used a 5mm one) some colourful yarn (I decided to have a go with some acrylics from Indonesia!)  scissors yarn needle a couple of stitch markers LET'S START ! These are the first colours combo I chose from the above drawer … Please remember I follow the US crochet terminology! ;oD Collect your hook, make a slip knot on it and chain 4.  Insert the hook in the first chain made and make a ring. FIRST ROUND Chain 1 and work 12 double crochets (=DCs) into the ring. Slip stitch  in the top of the first DC, cut the yarn and fasten off. SECOND ROUND Pick the new colour, make a slip knot on the hook. Insert

Another little gift for my mum ….

Just browsing trough the pages of this Japanese crochet book … … I found a lovely pattern for a simple scarf ( picture on page 3, pattern/chart on page 36) …. I chose, for the body of the scarf, to crochet with a 3,5mm hook a warm yellow yarn by  katia  (Merino Blend, 55% merino and 45% acrylic, colour 19, tint/dye-lot 47988)…. …. you can see very well the polka dots pop out from the filet background …. …. especially, when the fabric is backlit on the back of an old wooden chair …. For the border I decided to use a contrasting yarn ( still katia, but Oxford , 50% wool, 45% acrylic, 5% viscose, colour 207, tint./dye-lot 48080A) in blue …. I could go on forever in taking photos …. Details …. …. and this is how I presented the gifts to my mum …. headband  and golden scarf …. xxxx, Alessandra Today links :  Link your Stuff !  ,  Craft Schooling Sunday  and  Busy Fingers Showing Off #83  !!!