Monday, 23 March 2015

Another gift and ...

The husband (and colleague of Paolo) of a dear friend of mine is arriving today in Maputo for a work meeting. He is bringing in his luggage lots of food for our kitty Margot, who needs a specific diet because of her thyroid problems …

So as a big thank you, I crocheted a colourful scarf for my dear friend (her husband, instead, will enjoy a homemade dinner by us!) …

I worked with a 4mm hook with some MERINO MIX by Katia and some WASH'n'WEAR from Sirdar.
The pattern (again!) is from a Japanese crochet book (shown in pictures) and the pattern is #19 !


…. and then some news …
We have to move in a new flat in a couple of weeks……
…. so I'm packing again….. not nice, I tell you …. even because we are moving in a temporary apartment, that is furnished…. so our furniture has to be stored in another place, while we'll have some luggages with stuff good until the end of June …. after that, another move in the final destination…
I"M TIRED !!!!

Not happy with a lots of things around here…..
Even the continuous black outs and internet problems (my daily routine)….

All that to say that you will not hear from me for a while…. sigh….
…. and I'm not sure if homemade@myplace has any future here in Mozambique….

At the moment I don't have the time or the right concentration to write on my little blog….
I don't know what to say….

I love you all and thank you !!!!
I hope to ….

P.S. : the custom at the airport has confiscated all the food for Margot …. I have no words left… some tears, yes ...


  1. Oh, Ale...TIA.
    This Is Africa :-)
    But the frustration with when Australian Customs cut my two antique locks to open a trunk with linen - instead of just asking me for the keys...

    All the best with your move!

  2. ooo, I feel very bad for you, and for kitty Margo, and actually for all of us, threatened to be left without your blog!! Don't give up on blogging please :-) I enjoy reading your posts far too much!!

  3. I hope everything sorts out for the good and you relax finally! All the best to you and yours and we'll be waiting for news!

  4. Dear Ale, what a sad story to read. I hope that your blog will stay and that you don't decide to stop with it. Take your time, we will be waiting for some news. Love and a lot of hugs, Tinie

  5. OMG..... poor you , I can understand your frustration about everything. Moving again, I think this was not in the planning? storage all your stuff again, bah! No food for Margot, :( and no internet. I hope you can hold your head up. Take your time, and your blog... well, it will always be here with patterns etc. And perhaps if the internet will work, little messages of you, take care! byebye Francien

    1. …. thank you my dear Francien,
      love and xxxxxx Ale

  6. Wishing you the best in this tough time Ale! Sounds like a break from the blog would be good to reduce the stress!

    Good luck with the move, and we'll all be here when you return!
    Kate :}

  7. Poor Ale, I feel for you girl!!! Take care, wishing you all the best and please know that many friends think about you and hope you will return as soon as possible. Kiss and hug! Andrée

    1. thank you for your kind thoughts, Andre'e…
      xxxxx Ale

  8. Oh no... What do they do with cat food on the airport anyway, so stupid!
    But no worries dear Ale, all will be fine... I can imagine you need all your energy right now for your everyday busy life. Take good care of yourself and hope to hear from you soon, big hugs from Mirjam.
    Oh and I almost forgot: What a pretty scarf!!

    1. …. probably they will sell the food at the black market….
      Yes, I just need some time to adjust things in my life!
      thank you, xxxxxxxx Ale

  9. Sending hugs at this tough time, I hope all goes well and would love to see you back later in the year if you feel you can. Sharon x

  10. Sending hugs at this tough time, I hope all goes well and would love to see you back later in the year if you feel you can. Sharon x

  11. oh poor kitty! can you work something out for her to many challenges! it will all land eventually. Enjoy your friends' visit, the cat will survive! good luck with the moves. Just give us little updates. The scarf is really gorgeous, such a nice pattern, you still have crochet! X

  12. Oh Alessandra! I am so sorry, you sound so sad and downhearted which is not like you at all. I wish that you were not so far away and that I could give you a hug. I hope that you can continue to blog even if it is only occasionally and that perhaps when you have your final move completed you will be more settled in every way. I hope that the moves go well and that you will be alright. Massive hugs to you! xx

  13. Oh bloody hell Ale, what on earth is going on? Why are you being so messed around? It sounds like a right hoo haa and I can completely see why you are not happy about mustn't stop your blog, it's too brilliant and I won't let you :) that scarf is delicious, I'm starting to lean into Japanese patterning but I'm not very good at reading charts, also found lots of lovely Russian patterns on Pinterest but they use charts too and I can't quite fathom them. I will write you soon xxx

  14. Cominciamo dalla sciarpa , che è bellissima , e stavo giusto per commentare la sbirciatina al tuo studio , di quanto ti eri organizzata bene , e leggo che devi di nuovo traslocare ?! Magari ho capito male e non sarebbe la prima volta , perchè il mio inglese fa acqua da tutte le parti , quindi , quando avrai tempo e voglia , scrivimi pure e fammi sapere ! Ti abbraccio

  15. Is your final destinaton in june also in Mozambique or will you move elsewhere?

    I can imagine your despair, being without internet access over and over again. I hope things will be better in your next place and I hope you'll manage to find catfood for Margot.

    I absolutely adore your scarf, you can see very well that the pattern is Japanese. Really pretty!

    Hold on for just a while longer
    and keep on blogging,
    we would terribly miss you !


    1. Luckily we have "just" to move in another flat here in Maputo!!! ;oD
      …. thank you for your lovely words Brigitte,
      xxxxxx Ale

  16. Ale, mi dispiace vostri problemi. Spero che presto lasciarsi alle spalle lo stress. Un nuovo cambio di casa ... capisco il tuo stress ... beh ... un abbraccio vivace! molto bella sciarpa!

  17. What a lovely scarf with all those different colors....easy to wear on almost all kind of clothes!

    greats and hugs

  18. Hello, I love your crochet, is beauty, I love this colors, I follow your blog, I have a blog about crochet with free patterns and free crochet diagrams, visit me , hugs from Brazil.
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  19. What a pretty, pretty scarf!! Great pattern and color mix. I wonder where you always get these Japanese crochet books? Here it's very difficult to find them.
    I'm very sorry to hear that Margot's special food is held by the customs. How mean!! They should be able to see that it's special food a creature could be in urgent need of. I hope you can get something other she can eat, all the best for her!!
    Sorry to read about the problems with moving, internet and so on. Keep my fingers crossed that everything will work out well! And pleeease don't stop your lovely blog, I really would miss it ♥
    Hugs, Nata

  20. Ale, don't leave us! Seriously, big hugs to you and know that we will be here when you can post again. I will miss you if you have to take a break!


  21. Your blog is amazing, i hope that you will find time to write from time to time! Wish you good luck with packing, moving in and out and in and hope that everything will be alright for you.
    The scarf is very beautiful, unique patters and the colours are amazing!

    Floor cleaning Battersea

  22. La sciarpa è bellissima,ma mi par di capire che la vita lì sia un po' complicata!Mi raccomando:tieni botta! E soprattutto non sparire!Tanti cari auguri di Buona Pasqua,in ogni caso...Baci!Nicky

  23. All that is very sad especially for your daughter. But, as you said you're tired. So I send you "by mind" some positive energy and tell you "don't give up". as we say in France "after the rain, sun comes". See you soon ;-)

    1. no worries, Margot is not my daughter, but my loved kitty!
      … in Italy we have the same saying! Thank you for your kind words !!!!
      xxxxx Ale

  24. Alessandra,
    I am back in Maputo. I have to big shoulders (to cry on), I have many projects to start (all with your help) and I have quite the same problems as you have..(except for the move...for now!).
    BTW I used to have a cat and her name was Margot, too!
    Let's meet.

  25. Dear Ale, I'm so sorry to hear that the food for kitty was confiscated. That's how it is here in Kuwait. They make it so difficult for the simplest things and the mail system is a joke. I do hope the move is going okay though I know it is hard on you. When you are going through trying times, it is hard to stay positive and feel creative, but I hope your yarn and this blog will give you that calm time and space you need to feel good about your surroundings. Stay strong, and keep smiling. The scarf you made is beautiful and I know was very appreciated by your friend. Hugs and blessings, Tammy

  26. Oh Ale I just popped in to see you and I am sorry for all the difficulties you are having at the moment. I hope you manage both moves smoothly. I was so sad to read about the confiscation of Margot's food, how unfair. The scarf you made is really gorgeous, and I am sure your friend will love it. I hope you feel better soon, and look forward to seeing you in blogland again when things settle down.
    Sending love.
    Helen xox

  27. I just happened to find your blog! LOVELY! I'm very excited to go through it in more detail and learn more! Lovely!!!


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