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MAKE IT ! A very simple heart !!!

 I know it`s not a pattern written yesterday, but in February 2018...The fact is that I did post it on my old IG feed, so you can`t find it anymore, and this is the right time of the year to revive it ! WHAT YOU NEED Some DK leftover yarn (sorry but I don`t remember which one mine was from... it doesn`t matter, trust me!) a 4mm hook scissors and yarn needle The pattern is written following US crochet terminology. Please note that the turning chains are never considered as proper stitches! Tr5tog = It`s a decrease,in this specific case used to give the top curves of the heart. It`s done by working each stitch up to its second to last step and then pulling through all remaining loops. Pattern: Make a slip knot on your hook and chain 3. Row 1 (RS): wrap yarn around hook and insert tip in first chain, work 2DC, turn. [2sts] Row 2 (WS): 2ch, 2DC in first st, 2DC in next st, turn. [4sts] Row 3: 2ch, 2DC in first st, 2DC, 2DC in last st, turn. [6sts] Row 4: 2ch, 2DC in first st, 4DC, 2DC in l