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A big party favor!!!

Finally, of 8 (see here  and  here  ), one is done!!! The other ones have to wait for another occasion (which one? ;oD)... But this is ready....but for what??? Well, you have to wait until tomorrow.....!!! Enjoy some of the pics taken while making THE ONE....!!!, are you coming even tomorrow to visit me, dear fellas? I think it will be really great!! You are all INVITED... xxxx, Alessandra P.S.: today I join  creative jewish mom  and  link your stuff  !! see you there,too!!

"" KEEP OUT"" (from "my" room)!!!

No worries, none is upset!!! You know, I have two boys.....two you know what I mean??? Well, it happens that the "teen" one wishes with all his heart to not have his little brother in his own kingdom, so.... I came out with a simple idea!!! It all started with some yarn and a pair of knitting needles.... and the thing on the needles turned out to be a little rectangle (21 stitches, moss stitch, 30 rows, needles #5!!)... From the sofa, where I was sitting & knitting, I saw my little collection of embroidery loops and the idea popped in my mind... So, I collected the biggest one, some red and white felt from my stash, needles, scissors, cotton threads and a pencil... ...and after some backstitching (and a brief fight with the loop...!!).... ...I cut a skull with his crossbones from a piece of black felt... I had to choose some right ribbons for the guy, so...B&W was the only choice, I

Beauty is where you find it #33

On the market, this is what Nic is looking for this week.... Well, in JK there are not weekly street markets as in Italy or in Europe, but you can find some local daily markets (one day I'll show you the one close to my house..), or, more often, something like these.... xxxx, Alessandra I join  luzia pimpinella  today!!! Come with me!! Thank you!!

Last Sunday....

we were in "our" swimming pool.... ....and it was lovely!!!! xxxx, Alessandra