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…. that time of the year again !!!!!

…. so here we are : Christmas Eve …….!!!!!! I have to finish to wrap the last gifts and to group all the things we are going to need for our journey to London….. so still busy busy busy !!!!!! For some weeks homemade@myplace will be on holiday !!!! I think we'll see each other again in the new year ….. So today, I'm sending you all my love and the best wishes for a lovely Christmas and a great 2015 !!!!! Love you all, xxxxx Alessandra

Fingerless gloves …. knitted !!!!!

…. Do I have a hat ? I have  one  …. …. Do I have a scarf ? just  done  …. …. but what about some gloves? Work to be done !!!! This time I put aside my crochet hooks and collected, instead, a pair of straight knitting needles …. I knitted them in one afternoon, so they are really quick to knit … … and as you see from the various pics, I preferred to "sew" them not by using the mattress stitch, but by crocheting a row of single crochets …. final touches : a braid at the base of the gloves and a mini tassel at the top of them … my left glove my right glove The pattern I followed is from this book … … and the pattern is this one …. They seem very tiny, but they fit properly, I must say … Tobia asked for a pair, too …. … same size as mine …. this is a good quality about ribbed gloves … one size fits all !!!! ;oD The only difference from the original pattern (and my pair of gloves) is that I casted on 30 stitches, inst

My friend Tinie ….

…. a couple of days ago, sent me an email with a colourful attachment …. Dear Ale, As promised I would send you a picture of your Christmas tree decorations. I’ve just posted them on my blog. I hope you like them? …. Do you think I love them ???? You don't have even to ask !!!!! They are absolutely GORGEOUS !!!! I really love the colours combinations and the little buttons on some of the trees!!!!! You may have a look at Tinie's  blog post , where you can find more colourful pictures and her words about the crocheted trees…. no worries if you don't read Dutch !!!! There is a translate button just on the right side of her blog page, so no excuses !!!!! ;oD THANK YOU TINIE, you made a lovely job and you made me so happy and proud (of you and my tutorial!)!!! xxxx Alessandra you are still in time to crochet a couple of  christmas tree decorations  ….. have fun crocheting!

Lowveld National Botanical Garden, Nelspruit (South Africa)

Last Monday we jumped on the car and we went to South Africa in Nelspruit, where we stayed for 4 days. We had some Christmas shopping over there, as there are a couple of lovely malls (forget this kind of things in Maputo) and where the things are affordable (forget even this in Maputo!) and where we enjoyed a couple of movies with our kids (the last Hobbit and the cartoon from Disney Big Hero 6)!!! One morning, we decided to visit (a good stroll in the open air was needed!) the  Lowveld National Botanical Garden , where we had a lovely walk immersed in the greenery of the African Rainforest and where the silence was interrupted by the roaring of the falls …. I took the following pictures with my smartphone, as my camera was forgotten in the closet of our hotel room….ooooppppsss…….. !!!!! Enjoy!!! …some plastic bottles, but .. do you see a horse's head, too?