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....One more!!!!

...Who can stop me now???? I'm having fun crocheting oval things, so this is what happened next (just after  this one! ).... ...some blocking was needed, so.... ....just few more pics!!! ;oD.... xxxx Alessandra, have an happy day!!!! Today link :  Creative Friday  !! and  Link Your Stuff!

Craft-A-Day : Lion Week !!!

...Never thought to do something crafty with lions, even though I like them a lot! Anyway,  Sarah  has some ideas about lions... a Lion Finger Puppet? a Lion Card? a Mini Lion Stick Card? a Lion Gift Tag? a Plush Lion? a Mini Lion Gift Tag? or a Mini Lion Topper???? Well, it's up to you, you know!!!! Free your minds and do some ROARRR!!!! If you love to join me in this adventure, please do it and remember that you are really welcome, anytime!!! If you want to read more about this crafty journey, please read this  post  or just scroll to the top and click on  Craft-A-Day Year Project  tab (just under my blog title&description on the right!)!  Thank you !!! xxxx  Alessandra

my table runner prototype is done!!!!

Yes, since this  last post  about crochet, my work has been completed.... the end, some scallop edging.... ....the table runner is ready (just some blocking needed....;oD).... Well, honestly I'm so happy with this result! I think I really like how the colours blend together (they make me happy just looking at them!), I love this stitch (dc) and the scallop edging! This prototype measures 95cm in length and 22cm in width. I've used a 5mm hook and some local acrylic yarns. Probably, the oval table runner that I'll crochet with the Catania Grande (see HERE ) will be shorter, just to better recall an oval shape!!!! We'll see...I'll keep you updated!!! xxxx Alessandra Today link :  Craft Schooling Sunday!  and  Link Your Stuff!

Robot Week : my crafts !!!!

Do you believe me, if I say to you that I did this (quickly!!!) this morning??? Nothing difficult I have to say, but really cute and satisfying.... I just traced the largest robot from the trio given by  SARAH  and I used some brown paper... ...and, after cutting my robot, I collected some self-adhesive labels and dots to embellish it... ....yes, even the red felt heart is a sticker!!!! ;oD The eyes... ....and the mouth... this is what happened since the beginning.... ...and I completed my robot with some words on it..... ....just to make you understand what "he" is going to be/do... ...Yap, I have a new bookmark!!! My today link  RIGHT HERE!!  See you there, too??? xxxx Alessandra