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Enigma solved!!!!

Do you remember these pics (posted less than a week ago, right  here ) ???? ...well, I was guessing : eggs???? I've received comments on that post and it seemed people (you my friends!!) were really intrigued by this mystery!!!! Well, two of you did a great job!!! Infact,  Susan  and  Annie  have done some research to solve the puzzle.....and Annie found out the right answer!!! Look for Google images and type in : Pomacea canaliculata  and click!!! You'll find my same eggs and the fact is that these snails, that live in fresh waters, lay their eggs off the water on trees, grass (just look at my third photo, down on the left....seee???) and canal walls!!! I've seen all that!!!! So, I have to thank you a lot Susan and Annie : your curiosity have made me so happy!!!! I feel less ignorant right now!!!! ;oD Nic , instead, wrote the funniest comment ever : "eeeee! pastel tree aliens!!! ;)" lol!!! love you, xxxx Alessandra

Craft-A-Day : Groundhog Week !!!

It is a real nice animal!! In Italian we call it : marmotta !!! I used to see some groundhogs when I was working for my degree in Geology, up in the mountains (over Merano, in Val Senales!)....You knew they were there from their whistling....!!!! ....some inspirations from  Sarah 's  book  : Groundhog Gift Tag Felt Groundhog Ornament Groundhog Card Mini Groundhog Card Groundhog Cake Topper Mini Groundhog Topper Plush Groundhog I have a friend that this week will celebrate his birthday and, in a certain way, he resembles the shape of the groundhog designed by Sarah, so..... ;oD If you love to join me in this adventure, please do it and remember that you are really welcome, anytime!!! If you want to read more about this crafty journey, please read this  post  or just scroll to the top and click on  Craft-A-Day Year Project  tab (just under my blog title&description on the right!)!  Thank you !!! xxxx Alessandra

Speech Bubble Week : my crafts !!!

This week no felt was used, but paper!!! I collected a sketchbook with white pages in... ...and a ruler to trace stencil letters... ...on a white sheet I've traced the biggest speech bubble given by  Sarah on her book ... I decided to write 2 messages for my hubby : "SOGNI D'ORO" (sweet dreams) and "BUON GIORNO" (good morning), as we say in Italian... ...with the help of a needle, I made little holes around the speech bubble... ....then, I coloured in the letters and the little drawings..., I used some threads and the same needle to better define the border... ...once completed, my speech bubbles looked like these... ...and now they sits on our bed, Paolo's side.... ...obviously, once in bed, you can put them on the side table!!! ;oD I'm linking them  here! xxxx Alessandra

Pink, orange and some little green velvety hearts!!!

It all started simply, with a 5mm hook and some acrylic yarn in pink and orange... ...and when the pink leaves were all done, they all needed some sprays of starch.... ...and yes, all this orange&pink was asking for some lime green in the shape of tiny hearts.... .....some threads to stitch the hearts on.... ....and just few beads... embellishments for the back closure... ....and after a short while... ....the necklace is ready for your neck to wear it!!!!... .....I'm happy!!!!! ;oD Today link :   Craft Schooling Sunday  !!!! xxxx Alessandra

Beauty is where you find it #49 : Pastels !!!

Last Sunday, when we had our morning walk ( here ), we had the occasion to look at some gifts from Mother Nature.... ....we still don't know what "they" are!!!! I think that these things are groups of eggs, but from who? Nature's mistery or just a little bit of ignorance from us? Hope to solve the enigma soon!!! In these rainy afternoons, I like to take a cup of tea (some cookies, too!) and to crochet some granny squares... ....not a real project in my mind, just lovely to play with the colours!!!! ;oD Today's link :  Beauty is where you find it # 49 : PASTELS  !!! Go there : such lovely photos to look at!!! thank you !!! xxxx Alessandra