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Just a little note... inform you all that tonight I'll fly back to Italy (with the boys!) for our summer holidays!!!! The flight will be long and we will suffer from jet lag for some days!!!! I don't know yet when I'll be able to post again, maybe in one week or a bit more... Anyway, no worries and stay tuned!!! It'll be only a temporary interruption!!! Holidays......!!!! Here we come!!!! See you soon, xxxx

If you mix together....

....two different tutorials, what will happen as a result? You'll discover it in few seconds!! Thanks to Jacquie at Bunny Mummy , I've learned to crochet some sunburst granny hearts ( here )....!!! I made even some yarn dolls (a group of five!) following my tutorial ( here )....!!! What happened next? I started to line up the hearts first and then I added the yarn dolls!!! From my drawer full of ribbons, I cut out a couple of meters from my jute ribbon reel and I started to make it pass trough each heart, alternating a knotted yarn doll... One knot and one bow for the ladies and a double knot for each boy, instead! I've alternated a boy with a girl... ...and this is the outcome... TA-DAH ...!!!! A Yarn dolls & granny hearts bunting!!!! ...Some more detailed pics.... I love it!!! It's so colourful and eye-catching...!!!! Maybe I'll do some more...even because this is an easy and quick project!!! Even

...What about 3 more colourful necklaces???

Last week, I made a colourful necklace ( here! )....but other 3 were waiting for me to craft them, too!! First thing was the choice of the fabrics for the back of each medallion... Then I started to cut out big circles from each material... ...from which I cut out mini triangles, so that I could fold the fabric under each crochet sunburst with no problem.... Some boxes were opened to select the right beads (which colour? plastic? glass?) to sew around the circumference of the discs... ...and their backs look like the followings... ....The last "choosing between" : chains... ...and ribbons !!!! These are the finished necklaces : Now all together...!!! I'm happy with the result!!! What about you??? Join me here  at for the weekly party Link your Stuff! Thank you! See you soon, xxx

Beauty is where you find it #24/12

Dear Nic ( luzia pimpinella ), For your photo challenge today ( here ), I've chosen b u r s t o f c o l o u r s ....OBVIOUSLY!!!!! Hope to make you happy! You all!!! ...all these colours give me energy and vitality....WELCOME S U M M E R !!!! See you soon, xxxx