Sunday, 10 June 2012

Make it! Yarn dolls !!!

Do you remember this "old guy" (the white folded cardboard)?

Well, if you still have it, I suggest you to grab it to start the project I'm going to show you today! In the case you don't have it, instead, I propose you to read my last tutorial, that you'll find on my "Make it!" page and that is make a chunky tassel ! Follow the instructions both for the cardboard measurements and for the tassel, until this one is free from the cardboard....then follow me!!!

You'll need to complete two yarn dolls (girl and boy):

  • yarn (more colours the better!)
  • a piece of cardboard (see characteristics here)
  • a big tapestry needle
  • a pair of scissors
  • 4 buttons for the dolls' eyes
  • some cotton thread to sew the buttons on
  • glue (optional), to add a dab at each knot around wrists and ankles
Collect 3 different yarn balls and let's start this crafty task! As the first part of the tutorial is the same as the one here, I recommend you to read it (as told you before! ;-))) ), because in here the beginning of the tutorial will be mostly wordless, ok? Thank you!!!

after 30 wraps, cut the strands

thread the tapestry needle with some strands, slide them under the tassel/doll

cut the tassel/doll at the bottom

free your tassel/doll

now you can make a second tight (!!) knot on the top/head of the tassel/doll

with some extra strands we can define the head of our doll

pass the upper strands under the yarn "chocker" (in yhe previous tutorial I didn't take any pictures of this passage...sorry!!)

Our "tassel" is now ready to be transformed in a cute "girl doll".....let's do it!!

separate, from both sides, some strands to make the doll's arms and try to make them with a similar thickness

add a "belt" to outline her waist

tie the knot for the belt twice and repeat the same procedures as for the neck

turn the doll upside down and trim her skirt

now we can define both the arms and the hands of our little lady! Cut shorter strands to tie as wrists. I prefer to tie loosely the first knot, as in this way you can still adjust the tension of the arms, pulling cautiously the strands. After checking that, you can tie a second tight knot!!

trim the tips of both the hands

...I think our girl needs a friend now, so .....

another tassel/doll is ready!! This time for a boy doll!
Infact, when the belt is knotted, you have to separate the skirt in two halves, so that your boy will wear a pair of trousers!!!

tie 4 loose knots

adjust the tension of both arms and legs, then tie a second tight knot and trim your new doll

....a couple of happy friends is born!!!

I've sewn even a pair of buttons (as eyes) on each doll

I think they are pretty cute....don't you, too??

I love the idea that these yarn dolls can be nice soft toys or lovely decorations (imagine something like a yarn dolls chain..!!), or even a nice pin..!!!

Please come with me and have a look to all the nice crafts linked! Thank you!

see you soon, xxxx


  1. what little characters they are! your head must be so full of ideas
    have a great week
    love jooles x

  2. love it! such a reminder of my childhood! thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday!

  3. I have been making dolls like this for many years and still enjoy making them, you can make a broom as well and turn one to a a witch on a broom !!!

  4. I have been trying so hard to think of a small inexpensive doll to put into the Samaritan's Christmas boxes that also wouldn't take hours to put together. Thank you for reminding me of these long ago made sweet little dollies. Such a good reason to use the yarn left over from my many crocheting projects.

  5. Très joli modèle !



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