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My pot holders set is done !!!

I've looked at the yarn left … … and I thought that it was enough to complete my set of pot holders !!!! I was right in thinking that, in fact… … the "flower" was ready in few minutes (the orange part was crocheted at the beginning of January!) and the base for the last pot holder was done after that …. I have a very personalised set of pot holders that remind the suits of a deck of cards … …. and , eventually, they are all hanging in my kitchen …. …. but I'm not yet sure where to leave them …. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way, this is all the cotton left …. …. Not bad, eh ? ;oD xxxx Alessandra If you are curious to know more about my four pot holders, you are more than welcome to visit  here ,  here ,  here  and  here  !!! Thank you !!! Today party link :  Creative Friday  !!!!

Make it ! Crochet bandana !!!

Last week, while browsing my stats in my Dashboard, I've noticed that some people liked to read my "old" post  Make it ! Variations of a crochet pattern !!! , where I took inspiration from the  Granny Triangle Pattern  (chart included!) by BrittanyJJackson (thank you again, my dear!)…. ….So I started to think about doing something nice to share with you, just reading one of the variations I made then! If you'd love to follow the colourful triangle (scroll down that all post of mine!!!) modification, too, we could crochet a colourful bandana together!!! WHAT YOU'LL NEED : cotton yarns : I've chosen 5 colours, that I found in my baskets : dark grey from Katia Degrade' "Sun" (100% Egyptian cotton); aqua from an Italian brand  Sesia, Windsurf (100% cotton), colour 288 lot 3099; turquoise from Katia New Orleans (50% cotton, 50% acrylic); darker blue….. I don't remember, but it's from Italy, too; lime green from Bi Elle Filati  il Mako

3/4 of my potholders deck is done!!!!!

… this morning I found the right moment (after a nice chit chat + coffee with a friend of mine!!!!) to complete my third potholder…. I have 3 potholders : diamonds, hearts and spades are done…. …. they just need some blocking and after that they will hang happily in my kitchen, but…. …. I have a little problem now to complete the clubs potholder, because …. …. I don't have enough of this cotton…. GRRRRRRR and GRRRRRRRR !!!!! I bought this yarn a couple of years ago in Italy in a weekly market in Milano….. so…… I have to find a solution!!!!! I need to dig properly in my yarn stash hoping to find something similar to the original one and after that take a decision for my last potholder!!!! Wish me luck!!!! ;oD xxxx Alessandra (Happy Weekend) Today Link :  Creative Friday  !!! See you there, too!!! xxxx You can find previous links to my potholders history in this  post !!!