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Make it! Mini colourful pillow !!!

Do you remember these little beauties ??? Well, if not (!!!!!), you can read all the story about them in  THIS OLD POST  of mine !!! ;oD Anyhow, today I celebrate my first 5000 followers on  INSTAGRAM  !!!! So I decided to THANK YOU, old and new followers, with a new free pattern : yes, a mini pillow pattern, as I was asked various times if there was a pattern for this little thing .... NOW YES!!! WHAT YOU NEED : some chunky and colourful yarns a 5,5mm hook a pair of scissors a yarn needle stitch markers (optional): I put them in each first and last stitches of both semicircles! toy stuffing Remember that I follow the US crochet terminology, thank you! I've been using yarns from my personal stash. You can use any kind of yarn weight, to have a smaller or bigger pillow!!!! If you don't like the "V" shape of the pillow's base, simply crochet less stitches in the semi rounds of the oval : instead of 7 stitches (read first round of pattern), tr

Mega Granny Square Jumper !!!

I started to crochet my first granny square for my jumper-to-be on last 4th of October... ... and little by little, crocheting on a daily basis, I added rounds after rounds ... ... while I was working on other two w.i.p.s, like my  PONCHO  and the  GEODE PILLOW  ... ... and when I completed 26 rounds for the first granny, I wanted to block it to see its real measures : it reaches 74 cm for each side (more or less!) ... The yarns I've been using were all from my personal stash, no new yarn was bought for this project and some are discontinued, while others I have no more the band with all the details or brand. I will try to give you a kind of yarn list, starting from the center of the granny (I was working with a 6mm hook, btw) : KATIA AZTECA shade 7837  fuchsia-maroon-brown (53%wool, 47%acrylic) FILATI TROPICAL LANE SPENDOBENE SUPER SPORT shade 266  off white (47%merino wool, 53%dralon) FILATI TROPICAL LANE SPENDOBENE SUPER SPORT shade 34  mustar