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My first PONCHO !!!!!

I picked this book from one of my bookcases... ... and on page 26 I fell in love with this design ... .... any personal "revolution" from the original pattern??? ;oD Well well well ... For sure, I did use different yarns and colours (from top to bottom) : Pure Gold DK 005 midnight Filati Sandilane ATOMO 26 silver Robin Double Knit 0027 grey Pure Gold DK 036 ivory Kartopu AK-Soft K657 Pure Gold DK 059 azzure Kartopu AK-Soft K634 Moda Vera LUMINO 80280225 neon yellow and around the neck :  Pure Gold DK 206 blossom  and some silver grey from ATOMO (see list). ... and the hook was not a 3,3mm as suggested, but a 4mm, so my poncho is bigger than the original one .... !!!!! ... I was excited when it reached the right size to try it on ... my lady manikin ... ... but still some rounds to add ... .... neck detail... ... some blocking ... .... and it's DONE !!!! The fringes are made both with the

Pattern tester : Geoffrey Scarf By Emma @Potter&Bloom

Last week was the turn of Geoffrey !!!! The pattern is written by Emma (we know each other since our beginnings in Blogland!!!), the witty and brilliant crochet designer of  Potter&Bloom  !!! A group of testers was selected by Emma trough her Ravelry group :  potter & bloom podcast  . You can have a look at the other testers' scarves on their blogs (as for Rosina's , the hostess of  Zeens and Roger  ) or through their Instagram feeds (  zeensandroger  and  plutofigaro ). Hope I'm not missing anyone!! Emma showed a lot of pictures of Geoffrey on her Instagram feed, too ( potterandbloom  ), on her blog (  Potter & Bloom  ) where she writes that the pattern will be available soon for sale, and on her YouTube Chanel (  PODCAST EPISODE 10  ), where my work was mentioned (!!!) . Emma was positively impressed on how I "reinvented" her pattern playing with a lot of colours ... she said that I'm so "creative" and I'm still blushing thi

Geode Pillow

Hi there!!! Do you know what is a geode ?? Simply, geologically speaking (!!!), it is a small/big cavity lined with crystals or other mineral matter. Typical are the geodes filled with quartz crystals, very often with agate. The pillow I made, which has no cavity (apart some holes made on purpose to jazz up the pattern),  reminds me of a geode, especially when I look at it on my sofa.. I think the "problem" is due to the fact that I crocheted a round pillow cover, but the pillow to cover was not round... in fact it's a square !!!! ;oD I was curious to experiment the result of the union between round and square and, mostly, I wanted to use some colours, like yellow and lilac, which I'm not really in love with... You have to exit your comfort zone sometimes, right? So, I decided to crochet two circles, using only double crochets (US crochet terminology), arranged in various ways ... At a certain point, the front was done ... ..

Pattern tester, why not?

As you know, I really like to write my own patterns and to publish photo tutorials ... Very often it is a time consuming kind of task and the amount of work is huge, even when the item the pattern is written for is not that big... I know that many crafters had a go with my patterns and surprisingly there have not been complains about problems in understanding my words or crochet passages... phew!!! I love to try patterns written by other crafters, too. I like it especially to be aware that there are different ways to explain a work, different styles, different range of difficulties and new things to learn ... always something new to learn!!!! A pattern written by another person gives you new challenges and pushes your curiosity to new levels, right? I love all that, I really do!! So, I was really excited to join a selected group of crocheters (Nicole  @tangleandstitch , Janet  @janetleigh37 , Conny  @frogs_crochet ,  Heather  @hgdesignscrochet , Julie @meiguidesigns