Monday, 31 October 2016

My first PONCHO !!!!!

I picked this book from one of my bookcases...

... and on page 26 I fell in love with this design ...

.... any personal "revolution" from the original pattern??? ;oD

Well well well ...

For sure, I did use different yarns and colours (from top to bottom) :

Pure Gold DK 005 midnight
Filati Sandilane ATOMO 26 silver
Robin Double Knit 0027 grey
Pure Gold DK 036 ivory
Kartopu AK-Soft K657
Pure Gold DK 059 azzure
Kartopu AK-Soft K634
Moda Vera LUMINO 80280225 neon yellow

and around the neck : Pure Gold DK 206 blossom and some silver grey from ATOMO (see list).

... and the hook was not a 3,3mm as suggested, but a 4mm, so my poncho is bigger than the original one .... !!!!!

... I was excited when it reached the right size to try it on ... my lady manikin ...

... but still some rounds to add ...

.... neck detail...

... some blocking ...

.... and it's DONE !!!!

The fringes are made both with the yarns used for the poncho and some little extras, just to brighten it up a little more ...

My son Tobia took a couple of pics with me wearing this blue beauty ... ready ???? ;OD

.... Such fun, right ???

xxxx Alessandra


  1. Ale its a beauty and so are you!! xxx where did you buy the book from probably amazon? but i cant find many on there today help!! xx

    1. I wrote you a message via Instagram... hope you found it!!!
      xxxx Ale

  2. really nice, I can see why you liked it...great hat too :-) xx

  3. Great fun and a really great make!! Looks good on you too!! Happy crochet!

  4. Well, here I am. Back in blogging business. :) Love the poncho. Great pics. One day I'm gonna make one.

  5. Very much like the V neck and the final photo of course :-)

    keep well

    Amanda xx


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