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Make it ! Mini bunting !!!

I was thinking about a friend of mine who will celebrate her birthday tomorrow and she (with her family!) is invited to lunch at our home….. I was thinking something crafty would be nice, something like a cake topper for my handmade  tiramisu'  (have a look even  here  !)…. …. so in few hours, with a tiny hook (2,5mmm) and some colourful acrylic I crocheted this little cheerful bunting… …. more details …. …. If you like (and dare, too!!!) you can transform this bunting into a bold necklace …. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT DID I DO ? I've selected 6 different colours from my yarn stash and, as said before, a 2,5mm hook. Beside me, there were even a pair of scissors and yarn needle, to trim in the ends. The "triangle" motif origins from what I followed in a previous project ( make it ! IPad sleeve ), so I crocheted each disc/mi

A new shawl !!!!

I was browsing through one of my Japanese crochet books and I found this chart …. …. this was meant for a part of a blouse I was not interested in (!!!!) , but I loved the idea to use it for a new shawl, designed by me !!!! I've been using some Sirdar Wash'n'Wear DK Double Crepe (shade 0282/lot 126292 grey and shade 0251/dye 109925 white ) with a 4mm hook. My foundation chain was of 99 chains ( you have to consider that 12 chains stand for one triangle), so I did 12x8 triangles +3 ( this is the equivalent of your first double crochet, US crochet terms !) = 99 !!! This is what I got : Some details of both edgings (yes, not only one!) ….. For the pom pom edge look  HERE For the pointy edge, inspiration from  HERE I didn't follow any precise idea, the shawl just developed row by row following the inspiration of the moment !!! I started my work using a lot of grey and I completed it with alternating stripes of white and gre

This morning in my mailbox ...

…. I found the parcel sent by Alison (from the far Hebrides !!!), the lovely and witty hostess of  Tweed Thoughts …  !!!!! She organised a  giveaway  on her blog on the 8th of April and informed  me  that I was the winner few days later!!!!! ;oD These are the goodies that I won …. !!!!!!! …….. !!!!!!!! ……. her first  Tweedie Egg , with a big sentimental value and handmade with lot of love !!!! a lovely "cottage keychain", cute and useful!!! a trio of covered buttons : these are really amazing !!!!! an original tweedie egg card ( with its own envelope) : I was really spoiled !!!!!! Then the nice touch of adding a handwritten note and a couple of pages from the local gazette !!!!! Alison you made my day and I'm so happy of all the presents you gave me !!! The egg is so squishy : I love it in my hands!!!! I think it may be so kind if  you have a look at Alison's shops :  here  (Big Cartel) and  here  (Etsy) !! You'll find a lot of tweedy good

A postcard for you all !!!

From this … …. to this …. Enjoy the Easter weekend, wherever you are !!!! xxxx Alessandra …. this choco bunny is the right coaster for a hot cup of chocolate or for a bowl full of mini easter eggs!!! Today I join :  Link your Stuff !  and  Craft Schooling Sunday  !!!! ;oD

TA-DAH : a waist apron for a FOXY LADY !!!!!!

What do you say ????? Did you ever think about that ?????? ;oD A lot of you thought about blankets ( why not ? Maybe the next one!!!), I was thinking, at the very beginning, at a tea set and then at a "Linus blanket" ( do you remember The Peanuts ? Charlie Brown? Snoopy? etc…..!), but then I had this idea : a waist apron…. mumble mumble…. is it possible? I had to try and so I did !!!! What I liked about the idea was that it was really simple to carry out !!! In few hours it was done !!!! My "model" helped me to take a lot of pictures, just to show you how it fits on …. The first thing that I added to my foxy fabric was the edging ( figured out by myself!!!), starting from one side (red), then the bottom (blue) and last the other side (purple)… How to crochet the edging : I took a 2,5mm hook (same size used for the panel) and with the red yarn I made a slip knot on the hook. I started to work along the right side (when you we