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Carry on ! Carry on!

.....This is what I'm doing with my huge blanket, little by little.... ...I'm loving this quiet, relaxing, loooooong project!!!! I didn't believe I could achieve something like this or that I could love it so much! I'm usually a "quick project maker", but with this one I have to slow down and enjoy the journey... know? Not bad at all!!!! ;oD xxxx Alessandra P.S. : if you are a curious person and you would love to know more about this blanket to be, you are really welcome to read (and look at the pictures!)  here ,  here  and  here  ! P. S. S. : there is even a  photo tutorial  !!! Have fun!!!! P. S. S. S. : A very  new party here!  Join me !!!!

Make it ! Cheer up with pom pom cherries !!!

A very simple and easy craft!!! You just need : some yarn ( I choose some red and green) a pom pom maker (or use any method you prefer most) a pair of scissors a hook  a tapestry needle a pin With the pom pom maker make 2 pompoms and trim them Collect the hook and the green yarn and crochet a chain... ....I did two!!! One with 50 chains, the other with 60... After making a bow with both of them (the loops resemble the leaves of the cherries!), I decided to use the bow made with 60 stitches... At this point, grab the tapestry needle and one pom pom, so that you can insert one of the pom pom tails in the eye of the needle... ....and make it pass through the first chain of the green bow... pull the red yarn until the green strip touches the knot made to fix the pom pom when done with the pom pom maker.. ...and make a double knot with the red tails!!! Cut the excess of yarn from all the tails... Now do the s

Craft-A-Day : Butterfly Week !!!

....I love butterflies and I know very well that I'm not the only one, right??? I think  Sarah  knows that too (!!!!), so for week 22 of our challenge she shows us how to craft a : Paper Butterfly Mobile Butterfly Barrette Felt Butterfly Ornament Butterfly Straws 3-D Butterfly Card Butterfly Notebook Butterfly Wall Art If you really love butterflies, try even  this simple tutorial  and mix the different crafts together!!!! Have fun!!!! If you love to join me in this adventure, please do it and remember that you are really welcome, anytime!!! If you want to read more about this crafty journey, please read this  post  or just scroll to the top and click on  Craft-A-Day Year Project  tab (just under my blog title&description on the right!)!  Thank you !!! xxxx  Alessandra

Rainbow Week : my crafts !!!

Just few pics to show you what I did with the rainbow template .... ....just cut some arches from my fancy felt and added some velvety beads, all sewn with colourful egyptian cotton threads to have a witty brooch.... .... because I want to draw a smile from a "sweet 16"!!!!! I think I can make it, right???? ;oD xxxx Alessandra

A new inspiring book!

mmmmm.......something new on the hook.... ....yes, I got a new japanese crochet book and the picture on the front cover made me say : I just need this one!!!! So.... ....the real purpose of the author is to recycle old tees and shirts into lovely crochet ideas, but I decided that the patterns included were good even for usual yarn....I need to de-stash a little bit and some blues were ready for this aim...and I started this little project last Saturday evening and... was fun to play with the colours, starting from the darkest one... ....and not being strict when changing to a new colour. When one was finished I just started with a different one at any point of my work, even in the middle of a row... I love the texture given by the stitches and I enjoyed taking some pictures into the light... After completing the base and the cylinder, I started to crochet the triangles to attach the handles ... have a better idea of the gradual v