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"A" belt !!!!!

Last weekend I was tempted to crochet something new ( as I never did one before !) without following a pattern, but writing one "on the go"…… A little challenge is good from time to time!!!! The idea developed after looking an "old" pattern of mine ( do you remember  this  ?) ….. I decided to use the concept for something different, like a belt ( or even a bracelet !!!!! )…. I collected a 3,5mm hook and some colourful yarns from my basket…. maybe too many colours for a simple project like this ( I'm not really fond of my caramel yarn….), but the idea to follow was : TRY !!! With the blue I crocheted 200 chains and I worked a looooong oval with double crochets ( I follow the US crochet terms), with 5 stitches in each curve. The second round was made in caramel, with increasing stitches in both curves ( I crocheted 2 double crochets in each stitch of the first round of the curve, reaching 10 stitches per curve). To embellish the centre of the work, I dec

This morning….

…. I got out from my house to discover my usual unbelievable neighbourhood….. …. I was not disappointed !!!!!! xxxx Alessandra Foto dedicate a Vittorina e Varinia !!!!!!!!

Just for fun ….

…. Pick one of your japanese crochet books ….. …. and choose a very simple pattern, easy to follow when you seat on the couch in the evenings after dinner time …. Good!!! Now collect the right hook (4mm) for the suitable yarn ( ROBIN, Double Knit 100% acrylic, 500 gr, shade 1797, lot 786, product code 1467) and start to crochet, with your feet up….. … at the beginning it seems to work a flower … …. but after few rows, you start to see the scarf in progress …. ….. and when you reach the end ( for me after 187 rows,  for the pattern after 107! ), you may think that you would love to give the scarf a personal touch, just a little one….. …. as a "border" ( to reinforce the sides) of slip stitches, with a bright and contrasting colour ( Filati da Collezione "Merinella", colour 36 lot 110, 80% wool and 20% polyamide )…. front of the work back of the work …. and then you choose that tassels (made wrapping the yarn 50