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Craft-A-Day : Bird Week !!!

New week, new challenge!!! Any idea???? Well,  Sarah  gives us some... a Plush Bird a Bird Card a Bird Magnet a Felt Bird Ornament a Bird Gift Tag a Paper Bird Mobile a Mini Bird Topper So.......other ideas to add to the list????? My mind is starting right now to develop new crafty possibilities!!!! If you love to join me in this adventure, please do it and remember that you are really welcome, anytime!!! If you want to read more about this crafty journey, please read this  post  or just scroll to the top and click on  Craft-A-Day Year Project  tab (just under my blog title&description on the right!)!  Thank you !!! xxxx  Alessandra

Penguin Week : my crafts !!!

Honestly, I didn't know what to do with a penguin!!!!! I like penguins, but what to do with them??? Luckily Tobia had a birthday party to go and he asked me to prepare a card, but not too know boys, right? So I traced the biggest penguin from  Sarah's BOOK  and ... ....TA-DAH !!!! .... This was a really simple craft!!!! I wanted to add some more embellishments, but my little guy gently said to me that it was "beautiful mum, it's ok!" so.... ;oD xxxx Alessandra My  LINK  !!!!

Make it ! Vertical garland !!!

I don't know if you have done some (or just one! ;oD)  embellished granny squares  from my tutorial, but in case, I would love to show you what I did with mine!!! I took all 3 of them and with a pom pom maker ( the small one), I did 9 (you can do less, more or none at all!!!) little and colourful pom poms I decided even to add a yarn doll (  HERE  the instructions!) .... I had in mind a vertical garland, so I started to join (using knots) the pieces from the bottom-up, and the first elements were the yarn doll, one pom pom and one of the embellished grannies As you can see from the above picture and the following one, the red pom pom seems the wig of the yarn doll!!!! Then I collected other 3 pom poms to join (knotting the tails in the back, as  I let pass them in the corners of the granny squares) the last granny to the 2nd one... At this point I joined the first granny to the one in the middle, with the help of other 3 pom poms Last touch

Make it ! Granny Square Panel !!!

I told you!!!! Our "granny squares adventure" is not yet completed!!!! First of all you need to group some yarn, a hook, a pair of scissors, a tapestry needle, some ribbon, a little branch (and some acrylic colours if you want to decorate it!) and pom poms !!! You have to crochet a basic granny square. If you like you can have a look at  my tutorial here! As you can see, this time, I worked 9 rounds for my granny square. Each corner is done with 2 chains, not 3 and each round is closed with the invisible join, not with the slip stitch. You can choose to make your granny even bigger or smaller than mine! It's up to you, honestly! To complete my granny, I decided to border it with 2 rounds with single crochet stitches (remember : I use the american crochet terminology!) in 2 different colours. In each corner, I did 2 SCs!! With some fluffy yarn and the pom pom makers do some colourful pom poms I'm going to use them to decorate my pan

Catania Grande Project #4

.... THE END !!!!! YES !!!! I've completed the crocheting of my table runner (oval and with a scallop edging!!)!!!!! Do you wanna see????? I began to work from Round 14  (in the above pictures I'm showing you were I started!), where I decided to make a thick base for the scallop border Then, Round 15 (do you see little pink tulips, like I do?) So, after completing the green round, I picked up the red yarn and Round 16 began Another round with green ( Round 17 ) .....and, finally, the Scallop Edging (!!!), with red and hot pink alternating each other (very me, I think!) What is left????? ...just some red (20g) and some hot pink (25/8g). No green at all!!! I didn't need to block my table runner! In the case you do, instead, just spray some cold water and let it dry flat the time is needed. The oval table run