Monday, 15 April 2013

Cloud Week : my crafts !!!

....I've used a lot these polka dots felt sheets for my crafty projects (have a look at my Craft-A-Day Year Project page !!!)....even this new craft is made out of them...!!!...

.....but what use for this dotty cloud????

I just put it on the top of my stripy cup (of hot tea!) as a cover cosy...!!!!.... rain from this cloud, but just a white drop to remind me to pour some milk in my cuppa!!!!

My LINK !!!!

Craft-A-Day is now available in the Spring Edition iPad App !!!! Have a look!!!! thanks!!!

By the way : would you love to make one mug cosy for yourself or to gift to someone special ?????

What YOU NEED : 

  • your favourite mug! Mine has a diameter of 7cm and a circumference of 23cm! It's very important to measure the circumference of your mug, too! Once measured, you have to divide this value by 2 and use it to define the base of your mug cosy! My base is 11,5cm (23cm:2=11,5cm)!!!
  • some tracing paper to draw on a template for your mug cosy! I've traced a cloud found on Craft-A-Day book by Sarah Goldshadt ! You can google on Google images to found a cloud silhouette if you don't have the same book!!!!
  • some colourful felt! I've chosen felt with polka dots and white felt !
  • a pair of scissors
  • cotton thread
  • needles
  • pins
  • a pencil
Final measurements of the mug cosy :
base= 11,5cm
height= 10cm

Once traced your template on the tracing paper, you have to cut it out...

Then, select the felt you'll use for the mug cosy. I've chosen 2 different polka dots felts (pink and red). on the back of each , I put my cloud template to be traced with the help of the pencil...

...or if you prefer, you can pin the template onto the felt with a couple of pins and then start to cut with the scissors (I've used a pair with curved blades to follow properly the shape of the cloud!)...

You'll have two cloud pieces...

....that you have to put on top of each other, keeping the dots outside...

Now you can take the thread and the needle, so that you can join the two clouds together with a blanket stitch. Remember to leave the bottom free from sewing!!! 

When the sewing is completed (sides and top!), your mug cosy is ready !!!

You can put it on your mug (once the excess of thread has been trimmed!) !!!!

If you like, you can add even a little drop as a decoration ....

Why don't you try with the following templates :
a wig? a cowboy hat? a house roof? a berry bush? a cactus? a triangle? a halved sun???

xxxx Alessandra


  1. Am I seeing what I'm seeing?! Dotted felt? Love!

  2. Great! Hugs from Holland, Tinie

  3. What a cute idea!

  4. So darling Ale!! Love the polka dots!! ;) xo Heather

  5. Hehe, who would've thought.....loving the polka dot felt and I would so love to see polka dot clouds in the sky today.....

    Claire x

  6. These are too sweet! I adore polka dots. Happy to see you at Tangled Happy today! Off to browse around you lovely blog. :)

  7. Nice way to cover up the half finished cup of coffee! :)

  8. sweet, love the dotty felt! Heather x

  9. Love the happy polka dots!
    Kate :}

  10. Cute! Love the polka-dotted felt!

  11. Cute! Love the polka-dotted felt!


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