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Crochet & Recycling !!!

…. Never thought it could be so fun and easy !!!! … Endless options and such a good opportunity to use a lot of yarns from my yarn stash!!!! … tin cans and glass bottles/jars were my starting point and then colours and fantasy made it all!!! xxxx Alessandra

….. Two more Lilliputian Baskets !!!

…. with something different from the previous ones ( here  the photo tutorial) … There are just few differences from the original pattern :  The base ( from round 1 to round 4) presents two colours the whole basket is crocheted in double crochets (no single crochets rounds) the tapestry crochet design starts with round 5 and ends with round 10 : you work 3 stitches with colour A, then 3 stitches with colour B and you repeat the colour scheme until the end of the round. The beginning of next round starts with 3 stitches with colour B, then 3 stitches with colour A : repeat until the end of the round ! Alternating these rounds, you will obtain a stairs/spiral effect! round 11 : you work the slip stitches using both strands of yarn together. Even the single crochets around the handles are crocheted using 2 strands at a time! That's all !!!!! xxxx Alessandra today links :  Link your Stuff!  ,  Busy Fingers Showing Off #90 Please, s

Make it! Lilliputian Baskets !!!

…. eventually, here we are!!!! This is the result of my first attempt with tapestry crochet (worked in the round, with 2 strands and just 2 rounds using that technique!!!!) … Remember : I'm still a beginner ….. ;oD They are colourful, cute and so easy to crochet : really addictive, I must add!!! I started to be fascinated by this crochet technique since seeing the works made by  Julie Hanson, the blog hostess of "little woollie" , who loves to play with colourful yarns and who makes splendid blankets and washers with this crochet technique! I was tempted by tapestry since then, but what to do and how???? I wanted to keep the design simple and as a beginner I didn't want to work with many strands of yarn at a time …. so …. … I told to myself : have a try with something little … But I'm very lazy in reading instructions, in fact I'm a visual learner and for this reason I thought to try tapestry crochet just recollecting my knitting attempts with fai