Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Tapestry crochet : my 2nd attempt !!!

….. I still didn't share with you my first try with tapestry crochet ( it's a photo tutorial, so just a little bit of patience and then I'll show you what's all about!!!! ;oD) and today you are going to read (just a little bit) about my second project, well documented through some pics (more than a little bit!) !!!!

It all started the last weekend, just from scratch….
I've with me some selected yarns from my stash (just few balls to work with in the meantime, while living in the temporary flat) and i had the desire to try to crochet a flat bag with a tapestry crochet design…
After a couple of attempts, this is what I was able to create …

… and these are the front and the back of the bag put together, to have an idea about the whole bag design … but from the inside !!!!! …..

This bag needs some lining ( I have the right piece of fabric in the storage place !!!!!! ) and it has reached the following measures : 43cmx35cm, good even to bring around my laptop! ;oD

The clouds are an adaptation of a design found on one of my Japanese crochet books, that was obtained working with single crochets, while I preferred to change it a little bit in order to fit it for a crochet work all in double crochets (US crochet terminology).

…. but what are clouds without some colourful crochet raindrops ???

So I decided to just add some drops (pattern found here) …

…. and I had to sew them on …. I traced some guide lines to follow …

…. and according to them, I positioned the raindrops on them…

… so that i could start to sew them in place as appliqués , sewing along the centre of each drop …

… I've tried to take some pictures outside on the balcony, putting the bag on a white plastic table, but the pics were not much better, as the weather was rainy and dark … sorry for that ….

…. just some more pictures ... galore (!!!!!) …..

…. well, I'm curious about your reactions !!!!! Let me know, please !!!!! ;oD

xxxx Alessandra

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  1. It's fantastic! I haven't tried tapestry crochet, although I'd love to make something - one day! And despite the bad / dark weather you managed to take great photos!

  2. How cute is this Alessandra! I love it :) Have heard of tapestry crochet but never tried it - your's looks great anyway! Love the raindrops too :) :)
    Alison x

  3. It's great! Tapestry crochet always looks as though it requires a great deal of patience :-) The raindrops really add a bit of fun to the bag, brilliant. Sharon x

    1. thank you so much Sharon!!! I was scared like you about tapestry crochet before my little experiments, but honestly : it's easy !!!! xxxx Ale

  4. Very nice!
    So creative to make your own designs!

  5. Que bonito,me encanta el tapestry crochet!!

  6. very nice..I have been tempted to do some tapestry crochet..just haven't found the right project..I love your purse...

    1. Hi Vikki!!!!! Maybe just wait for my photo tutorial about a little project with tapestry crochet, maybe that could be the right one!!!! ;oD
      thank you for visiting, xxxxxx Ale

  7. A great job. Interesting and varied. Happy weekend.

    1. thank you Ayten!!!
      you are welcome to visit again, ;oD
      xxxxxx ale

  8. Very creative! I like tapestry crochet! It's fun carrying the second color under the other color! I've also read that there are graphs specifically for designing for tapestry crochet that take into consideration the natural slant that occurs with crochet stitches! (I have yet to play with these graphs, but it's been on my list!)
    Great job!
    Kate :}

  9. What a good idea.
    Very Original.

    Your pictures are not dark at all.
    I love them.

    Well done,


    1. thank you Brigitte, so sweet as always!!! ;oD
      xxxxxx Ale

  10. Your projects are always such fun, and really prove how versatile crochet is :)

  11. Ciao Alessandra , mi piace la tua borsa , sia il modello che la fantasia sono davvero simpatici ! Questa tecnica è davvero bella e una volta ho provato anche io , con delle presine , ho fatto un po di fatica a capirne il meccanismo e a non ingarbugliare i fili , quindi , doppi complimenti ! Mi spiace che il tempo li non sia un gran chè , ma magari oggi va già meglio ; ) Un abbraccio e a presto

  12. I did try tapestry once but felt my work was very messy. I made a little Halloween motif that I could use to sew on something. Your bag turned out nicely. You always have such creative ideas. Best wishes, Tammy

  13. You've done a great job here...I especially love your logo on the back too! :) xxx

  14. Beautiful bag & great color! The colorful raindrops are so sweet, super idea. Creative as always, dear Ale :-))))))

  15. This really is a beautiful bag, I especially like the raindrops that you added. I have never tried tapestry crochet but I will definitely do it soon. Have a nice week, Viola


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