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 This design is a development of the previous one I made and which you can find  HERE  . These trees are worked in the round, starting from the top to the bottom . The last row closes the gap nicely, creating both a nice edging and the trunk! WHAT YOU NEED sparkling yarn ! Mine is from James C. Brett TWINKLE fashion DK in white, emerald and pink with touches of red, blue and white. 4mm hook scissors/yarn needle matching baker`s twine Please note that I follow the US crochet terminology. The pattern develops using both 2Tr and 4Tr shells, usually worked in spaces between shells. Skill level: intermediate PATTERN Make a slip knot on your hook, 3ch, sl st in first ch to form a foundation ring. Round 1: 4ch, 3Tr, 2ch, 4Tr, 2ch, sl st in top of 4ch. Round 2: 4ch, 2Tr in middle space of 4Tr shell, 4Tr in next 2ch-space, 2Tr in middle space of 4Tr shell, 3Tr in next 2ch-space, sl st in top of 4ch. Round 3: 4ch and 3Tr in same space, 4Tr in next space, 2Tr in middle space of 4Tr shell, (4Tr in


 Christmas it`s just around the corner and I still have some patterns to share...!!! The incredible thing is that I will not be able to share them all before Christmas Day, so I have to keep them for next year... crazy, right? Anyway, today we have some colourful trees... They are easy to crochet and you start from the top to end with the trunk. WHAT YOU NEED small amounts of DK yarns : it can be variegated or metallic or traditional yarns. 4mm hook scissors/yarn needle blocking board/pins/white glue or stiffening glue/brush/bowl The pattern is written following the US crochet terminology. PATTERN Choose your yarn and make a slip knot on your hook, then 5ch. Row 1: wrap yarn twice around hook, insert tip in first chain and work 3Tr, turn. Row 2: 4ch and 2Tr in same st, skip two sts, 3tr in top of 4ch, turn.  [TIP : when working in top of 4ch, try to work under the bump of the chain : in this way you avoid to enlarge the st too much!] Row 3: 4ch   and 2Tr in same st, 3Tr  in space betwe


  I really love Christmas time and I love to design decorations for this period of the year!!! I have still some more to show you before the arrival of Christmas Day and I really hope I will be able to do so !! Anyway, today I have a trio of small ornaments (or parcel tags?) to share with you all, hoping you will love them as much as I do! Ready? WHAT YOU NEED Small amounts of sparkling yarns ! I`ve been using some leftovers found in my stash, from James C. Brett Twinkle fashion DK and Knitcraft Baby Brilliance DK. You need at least three different colours for a bauble! 4mm hook scissors/ yarn needle baker`s twine I follow the US crochet terminology. You need to know how to carry on the unused yarn as in tapestry crochet and how/when to change colour while working the peppermint circle (first two rounds of the pattern). The initial 2ch at the beginning of each round is never considered as a stitch! The ROUND PEPPERMINT Ornament For this ornament I`ve been using red, silver and hot pink


This design came off my hook on August 2019, and it`s based on two other designs of mine :  the Granny Bunny  and  Rudi the Rainbowdeer  !!! So today I will not show you a full tutorial about these two guys, as there is no need, but I will simply explain the variations based on the existing tutorials. Hope it`s fine for you, too!! WHAT YOU NEED A small amount of DK yarns, acrylic or cotton it`s your choice. For both my Santa and Reindeer I`ve been using some Bergere de France Barisienne DK from my stash in : nougatine (brown), geranium (red), igloo (white) and reglisse (black). A very traditional combo, but feel free to adapt it to your own taste! 4mm hook scissors/yarn needle blocking board/pins/water bottle spray/ white glue/small bowl and brush red bead as nose (diameter : 5mm minimum)  I follow the US crochet terminology. REINDEER As you can see from the above picture, the reindeer is crocheted following completely the  Granny Bunny   pattern. The only difference are the antlers :