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Never ending knitting...

A sneak peak! Big big big and colourful flowers!!!! Some more on the needles.....What for?? I think they will turn in funny and bold brooches, so big that they will be great on bags, hats and coats! Honestly, it's all up to you, your imagination and taste!! See you soon, xxx

Owly joined the gang (of Matryoshkas)!!!!

After some days of sewing (just yesterday and this early morning), you have now the opportunity to meet Owly, a chubby owl with a great personality and a good taste about girls..... Hoot!Hoot!Hoot! My tail!!! Big big eyes!1  ....After a while, he eventually decided where to stop and rest.....for a long time? Maybe forever.... How may I contradict him? If I look at him closely, I think his eyes are widened a little more, or not? ;-)) My Ravelry notes can be found  HERE  !!! See you soon, xxx

An unusual visit!

Coming downstairs for breakfast this morning, I found this lady outside the living room window....!!!! I don't understand why she decided to climb that window, instead of remaining on the soft green grass of the lawn....Probably she wanted to have a sneak peek of our home? ;-))  ....Crazy snail!!!! See you soon, xxx

A colourful "jalan-jalan" (stroll)!!!

Just have a look by yourself.........!!!!!  .....As I've written in the title, a very very bright walk!!! Don't you think? See you soon, xxxx

From felt to yarn, but still an owl it is!!!

Just few days ago, I wrote this post ( here ) asking you to guess what I was knitting..... ....I'm adding more pics now and you'll tell me what do you think about my new creation, ok? It's still a w.i.p. but no more a secret for your curious eyes!!! His/her name is Owly and in a very short time he/she will be a cute cushion/soft toy!!! Well, be patient and soon you'll discover his/her actual shape and personality!!!! See you soon, xxxx

An unclouded walk!

As you know, yesterday was Chinese New Year. For this occasion my boys and my husband had one day holiday from school/work. So in the morning, my hubby and I decided to venture outside because it was lovely (sun and gentle wind : no rain!!) and no traffic anywhere...and my camera was around my neck...Enjoy! ...See you soon, xxxx