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MAKE IT ! PENTA STAR (hanging decoration)!

 Another Christmas decoration for you all ! The original pattern was written at end of March 2018, but I never made a post about it! In December 2019 I printed some copies to gift to the members of my knitting and crochet group here in Edinburgh! Today I`m releasing an updated version of it!!! Hope you will enjoy it! WHAT YOU NEED Some chunky yarn : in my basket I found some balls of  Hayfield Bonus Chunky extra value (100 g ball) both in teal (yarn B) and  in red (yarn A) and one ball in each colour is more than enough! Small amount of sparkling yarn : in another basket (!!!) there were some balls of James C. Brett Twinkle fashion DK and I chose some red and some grey to work with! 6mm hook scissors yarn needle blocking board or foam tiles, pins and water spray bottle Please, note that I follow the US crochet terminology! PATTERN Start with the centre of the star. Make a slip knot on your hook with your chosen colour (yarn A), 6ch, sl st in 1st chain to form a foundation ring. Round 1

MAKE IT ! The Wrapped Gift Ornament !

 Even this project is an "oldie" of mine, as I posted it on my Instagram feed in January 2019, but it went lost because of the hacking, so ... It is a good time to re-purpose it with a fresh take, right? ... yes, you can decide to crochet single gifts or make a full Christmas tree ornament : so, let`s start!!! WHAT YOU NEED leftovers of DK yarn : I`ve been using a selection of Rico Fashion Cotton Metallise` DK for the central part of the granny gift and some spare colours of Bergerac de France Ideal. 4mm hook scissors yarn needle baker`s twine clear nail polish (to fix knots and ends) blocking board/pins/white glue/small brush and bowl Please, be aware I follow the US crochet terminology. WRAPPED GIFT PATTERN Using any metallic yarn, make a slip knot on your hook, 4ch, sl st in first chain to form a ring. Round 1 : 3ch, 2DC, 1ch, (3DC, 1ch) 3 times, sl st in initial 3ch, fasten off. Round 2 : join the new colour with a sl st in any corner, where you work (2ch, 2DC, 1ch, 3DC),

MAKE IT! Granny Christmas Ornaments (recycling removable bra pads!)!!!

 Oh yes!! All the times I buy a padded bra I collect the pads out : I simply don`t like them all! So, having a nice collection (both circular and triangular) of pads, I thought I could reuse them in a clever way ... and simple granny motifs gave me the idea to crochet some padded ornaments !!! If you do the same as me, well maybe you`ll be interested to know  how to crochet these peculiar and squishy ornaments, right? WHAT YOU NEED Leftovers of worsted/aran yarn 5mm hook scissors yarn needle couples of removable bra pads, circular or triangular or both matching sewing thread and needle stuffing baker`s twine colourful beads (diameter : 3cm) pins (useful when sewing together two pads) I follow the US crochet terminology. Please, note that the pads have sizes, so you may need to adapt the given patterns (L and XL sizes) to your own bra removable pads! I suggest you to weave ends as you go ! PATTERN for GRANNY CIRCLE ORNAMENT First step : sew together a couple of circular pads and b

MAKE IT ! The Mini&Easy Gingerbread Man

  The original design for this gingerbread man is from end of  November 2018 and it was posted on my IG feed as a #freecrochetpattern, but that feed has been hacked, so the original post is never to be found! So yesterday, using the original photos as the following one ... ... I was able to re-write the pattern, so you can enjoy it ... again!!! WHAT YOU NEED any DK wool 4mm hook scissors and yarn needle baker`s twine clear nail polish (to block the bow`s knot and to avoid fringing at bow`s ends) blocking board, pins, fabric stiffening spray The pattern is written following the US crochet terminology. Each gingerbread man reaches H=7cm (more or less) PATTERN Head 4ch, sl st in first ch to form a ring Round 1 : 3ch, 11DC, sl st in top of 3ch. Do not fasten off ! Body 12ch, sl st in first chain (first arm done) 20ch, sl st in first chain (first leg done) 20ch, sl st in first chain (second leg done) 12ch, sl st in first chain (second arm done) Now, sl st into head, next to the joining poin