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Make It ! Frida C2C handbag !!!

  So, this is what comes next the Frida Filet Panel (see previous   here  ) : a small handbag made using the corner to corner (C2C) technique! If you need one too, just follow the given pattern and play with colours and embellishments! WHAT YOU NEED - 5mm hook  -Cotton Blend Plain by Knitcraft from Hobbycraft, 100g/50% cotton, 50% acrylic/215m in the following shades : purple [1000], coral [1007], light pink, green, yellow [1008]. You don't need more than a ball for each one. -Home Cotton by The Women's Institute, 100g/85% cotton, 15% polyester/160m in the following shades : dark pink and yellow, used for the flowers on Frida's hair. Alas it's discontinued. A good matching substitute is Premier Home Cotton, 75g/120m and same fiber content. -stitch markers -1 black rope handle with wooden beads, mine is from Indonesia, but you can find similar online, sold by pair. -gingham B&W ribbon, 2cm wide, cut two pieces 70cm long -a couple of red heart buttons, H=1cm, W=1cm -a
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MAKE IT ! Frida Filet Panel !!!

  I Know, I know.... A lot of crafters have done it already : a Frida inspired project ! But I never did one, even when the trend started a while ago! I don`t follow trends and I don`t create any, but between August-September 2020 (!!!) I started to play with an idea of Frida and I developed it through crochet : filet, pixelated and C2C, too!! Today I`m going to show you how to work a small filet panel, which you can decorate (or not!) as you like, adding beads, sequins or whatever you fancy most! Ready? WHAT YOU NEED mercerized DK cotton (minimum 20g) 4mm or 3.5mm hook scissors yarn needle bamboo bag handles beads, sequins. scrapbooking embellishments, etc.. needle and thread to sew on embellishments colourful cotton yarn to use for fringes and to attach the panel to the handle pins blocking board water spray bottle steamer (useful to smooth the fringes) Please note that I follow the US crochet terminology. The turning chains (4ch height) are considered as stitches. Skill level : inte

MAKE IT ! A very simple heart !!!

 I know it`s not a pattern written yesterday, but in February 2018...The fact is that I did post it on my old IG feed, so you can`t find it anymore, and this is the right time of the year to revive it ! WHAT YOU NEED Some DK leftover yarn (sorry but I don`t remember which one mine was from... it doesn`t matter, trust me!) a 4mm hook scissors and yarn needle The pattern is written following US crochet terminology. Please note that the turning chains are never considered as proper stitches! Tr5tog = It`s a decrease,in this specific case used to give the top curves of the heart. It`s done by working each stitch up to its second to last step and then pulling through all remaining loops. Pattern: Make a slip knot on your hook and chain 3. Row 1 (RS): wrap yarn around hook and insert tip in first chain, work 2DC, turn. [2sts] Row 2 (WS): 2ch, 2DC in first st, 2DC in next st, turn. [4sts] Row 3: 2ch, 2DC in first st, 2DC, 2DC in last st, turn. [6sts] Row 4: 2ch, 2DC in first st, 4DC, 2DC in l


 This design is a development of the previous one I made and which you can find  HERE  . These trees are worked in the round, starting from the top to the bottom . The last row closes the gap nicely, creating both a nice edging and the trunk! WHAT YOU NEED sparkling yarn ! Mine is from James C. Brett TWINKLE fashion DK in white, emerald and pink with touches of red, blue and white. 4mm hook scissors/yarn needle matching baker`s twine Please note that I follow the US crochet terminology. The pattern develops using both 2Tr and 4Tr shells, usually worked in spaces between shells. Skill level: intermediate PATTERN Make a slip knot on your hook, 3ch, sl st in first ch to form a foundation ring. Round 1: 4ch, 3Tr, 2ch, 4Tr, 2ch, sl st in top of 4ch. Round 2: 4ch, 2Tr in middle space of 4Tr shell, 4Tr in next 2ch-space, 2Tr in middle space of 4Tr shell, 3Tr in next 2ch-space, sl st in top of 4ch. Round 3: 4ch and 3Tr in same space, 4Tr in next space, 2Tr in middle space of 4Tr shell, (4Tr in


 Christmas it`s just around the corner and I still have some patterns to share...!!! The incredible thing is that I will not be able to share them all before Christmas Day, so I have to keep them for next year... crazy, right? Anyway, today we have some colourful trees... They are easy to crochet and you start from the top to end with the trunk. WHAT YOU NEED small amounts of DK yarns : it can be variegated or metallic or traditional yarns. 4mm hook scissors/yarn needle blocking board/pins/white glue or stiffening glue/brush/bowl The pattern is written following the US crochet terminology. PATTERN Choose your yarn and make a slip knot on your hook, then 5ch. Row 1: wrap yarn twice around hook, insert tip in first chain and work 3Tr, turn. Row 2: 4ch and 2Tr in same st, skip two sts, 3tr in top of 4ch, turn.  [TIP : when working in top of 4ch, try to work under the bump of the chain : in this way you avoid to enlarge the st too much!] Row 3: 4ch   and 2Tr in same st, 3Tr  in space betwe