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Make it ! Mini mandalas hanging decorations !!!

Hi my dear friends!! I have to apologize for my long absence from the blog, but we had a lot of problems with internet (will they ever stop????) and my laptop is almost dead, so I'm using the one of my husband... This is even the reason, you will find me more often on Instagram, as you need just a photo and a little caption.... the right solution for me, at least for the moment! I really miss my blogging activity, but my internet reality is not easy! Anyway, I did a photo tutorial for you and I hope you will love it!!! It's all about my mini mandalas (shown for the first time HERE) and they look like the followings I think you got the idea, right? ;oD WHAT YOU NEED: some colourful yarns from your personal stash. I was using acrylic leftovers from other projects and still have some, so other decorations are on the way!!!! a hook, in my specific case : a 4mm hook a pair of scissors a yarn needle a tape measure some stitch markers (op