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Random photos taken during last week ….

…. along the main street, Avenida Marginal… Tobia and I were taking pictures from my smartphone, while sitting in the back of the car …. ….. on the beach …. …. at home, while trying to assemble a bar stool …. …. again on the beach, but with our cat ….. …. she was not very happy to be there, so I had to bring her back at home !!! ;oD Luckily, the boys had a lot of fun, instead ….. !!!!! …… xxxx Alessandra

This morning I woke up early !

…. just because I heard voices, coming up ( our bedroom is at the 6th floor!) from the road in front of our building….. No one was shouting and the cars were quiet ( no hands on the horns!), but in the silence of the early morning ( Saturday, a lot before 7am!), the voices of the passengers ( no one was hurt! phew!) from a stuck bus ( the road is under construction) were really clear….. sigh….. ….. luckily the bus was freed and the passengers were able to get back on it! What I really enjoyed of all that ? I was amazed by the colourful "capulanes" (the wraps that women put on their heads, around their hips or on their shoulders) : so eye-catching!!! ;oD  xxxx Alessandra

Architectural walking tour : Art Deco in Maputo

Last week ( it was Wednesday morning), a friend of mine and I joined a walking tour (  Maputo a pe  with Jane Flood) : the subject of the day was Art Deco in Maputo. You can read a lot about this architectural style ( start  here  and if interested just google a bit more!) and our tour guide was so well informed, that was a pleasure to follow her! I was amazed by the amount of buildings to look at ( such a pity that a big lot are in critical conditions), but because of the nice chatting with Jane, I just took few pictures ( who, me??? Unbelievable!!!!) !!! I've seen more than that, and I'll go back on my footsteps (I hope soon!) to report properly about this amazing architectural period!!! xxxx Happy Weekend, Alessandra

About my crocheting….

….. it's seems I'm a bit lazy with my hooks lately, in part it's true and in part it's not… I'm working a colourful piece of fabric ( just look above!) in which double crochet stripes ( in red and hot pink) alternate single crochet ones ( in blue, lime green, peach and pink !), but still I'm not sure what  I'm crocheting…… …. and I don't feel the urge to complete this "thing"! I'm very relaxed about everything lately, probably because it's about time to feel in this way!!! The big move is done and we are simply waiting for our stuff to be at home with us…. after that, we'll surely feel at home again!!! I think I have to enjoy this quiet time…. kids are "back" (well, they started school in a new one!) to school and have, once again, a routine to follow and some new friends that make this transition smooth and enjoyable… They have started even afternoon activities and Kayaking in the sea is a cool discovery!!!