Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Make it ! Full-lenght Rudi ornament !!!

Yes, today I'm sharing a whole Rudi, not just its head!!! ;oD

Both my boys were not completely satisfied (do you believe that???) with the first Rudi outcome and they described to me what they were wishing for.... I tell you, they wanted something more realistic, but I told them that was not my intention....

So, our shared brainstorming session gave birth to the following ornament ...

... both Matteo and Tobia like most the grey Rudi, as it has a better defined tummy !!!

They were even asking for hooves, but I said that suggestion time was expired, so .... ;oD


4mm hook
some DK yarns
yarn needle
buttons (eyes)
thread and needle to sew buttons and bells on
mini bells
pompom maker (optional)
baker's twine

Remember : I follow the US crochet terminology ! Thank you !!!


You can choose if you prefer a monochrome tummy or a bicoloured one : it's up to you!!!

In any case, pick up a colour of your choice and make a slip knot on your hook, then chain 12

first round : wrap yarn around your hook and insert tip in 3rd chain from hook and crochet your first double crochet (=DC). Work other 8 DC in the next chains. In last chain, instead, crochet 5 DC. Crochet 8 DC at the base of the previous ones, while in the last chain work 4 DC, then slip stitch in the top of first DC done.

second round : chain 2 and work 2 DC in same stitch, then crochet 8 DC in next stitches, while make 2 DC in each stitch (they are five) of the semicircle (tot : 10 stitches). Crochet 8 DC along the straight side, then work 2 DC in each stitch (they are four) of the other semicircle (tot : 8 stitches). Slip stitch in the top of the first DC made.

third round : chain 2 and work 1 DC in the same stitch, 2 DC in next stitch, 8 DC along the straight side, [1 DC+ 2 DC] 5 times along the first semicircle (tot : 15 stitches), 8 DC along the straight side and end with [1 DC + 2 DC] 4 times along the last semicircle (tot : 12 stitches). Slip stitch in the top of first DC done.
Cut yarn, fasten off and sew ends in.

If you like the tummy in a different colour from the rest of the body, remember to change colour in the last stitch of first round, as done HERE !!!

You can even sew on a mini bell on the tummy!!!


Do you remember seeing this same face somewhere else ????? ;oD

Well, it was in my LAST POST that I gave you all the instructions needed to crochet one, right?

This time you don't need a pin, but some baker's twine to make a loop between Rudi's antlers and some yarn (and needle) to sew your head on top of Rudi's body, ok???

RUDI'S LEGS (make two)

You have to work along the other semicircle, the one opposed the head.

In our case, the semicircle is made of 15 DC. Counting from first stitch (red dot) on both sides, find the 7th stitch (twice!) and in each of them, follow these instructions :

Join yarn in the top of the 7th stitch and chain 18. Wrap yarn around hook and push the hook tip in the 3rd chain from hook, where you work your first half double crochet (= hDC). Crochet other 15 hDC along the foundation chain and slip stitch in the same stitch you've joined the yarn.
Cut yarn, fasten off and sew ends in.

Repeat the same pattern in the other 7th stitch !!! ;oD

RUDI'S ARMS (make two)

Luckily, nothing different from the legs' pattern, apart from :

you work in the 4th stitch, counting from the "neck" (valid for both sides)
the foundation chain is made of 12 stitches, not 18!!!

Both my ornaments (antlers not included) reach 23 cm in lenght !

xxxx, Alessandra


  1. They are fabulous :) Thank you for sharing xxx

  2. Those are the cutest things I've seen! I sure needed something to put a smile on my face and your little deer did the trick : )


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