Monday, 7 November 2016

Make it! Rudi the Rainbowdeer !!!

Happy start of the week!!!

Here in Maputo, this morning, we are having a lot of rain, so outside is grey and a bit humid...

To brighten my day and yours I'm posting a new colourful pattern to add to the ones I'm linking on my Instagram feed, just to give you ideas for your Christmas crafts : ready ???

They put a smile on E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E face, right ???
It's all the weekend I'm smiling just making them !!!


some colourful DK yarns
4mm hook
a pair of scissors
some buttons
a pompom maker : if you don't have it, note that the pompoms are 2,5cm in diameter
a yarn needle
thread + needle to sew buttons on
some safety pins
mini bells
baker's twine

Please remember I follow the US crochet terminology, thank you !!!

This is the first Rudi I made ...


Choose a colour and make a slip knot on your hook.
chain 4 and insert hook in first chain to obtain a ring.

first round : chain 2 (if you prefer, chain 3), work 12 double crochet stitches into the ring, slip stitch in top of first DC (= double crochet stitch) to end first round. (12 stitches)

second round : chain 2 (or 3! ;oD) and work 2 DC in same stitch. Crochet 2 DC in every next stitch and slip stitch in top of first DC to close second round. (24 stitches)

third round : chain 2 (or 3) and work 1 DC in same stitch and 2 DC in next stitch. Repeat [1 DC + 2 DC] other 11 times, slip stitch in top of first DC to end this round. (36 stitches) Cut yarn, fasten off.

You need to crochet a second circle in the same way and this time leave a long end, to use it to sew together, back to back, the 2 circles!!!! ;oD


Well, to make a lot of pompoms of same size I find very useful to use the pompom makers by Clover.
I've been using the smallest one, which allows you to have pompoms with a diameter of 2,5cm.
If you don't have it, just use traditional methods (as HERE), or a fork (as HERE) or your fingers (as HERE) !!!

Once you have done, pass the tails (with the help of the yarn needle) through the hole in the center of one of the circle and pull them to make the pompom adhere well on the surface. Make some knots on the back and cut the excess of yarn.


Simply choose a couple of buttons and the right needle and thread. Just position the buttons over the nose and decide the right spot to sew them on! Easy-peasy !!!


You need to choose a new contrasting colour and just under the nose, between rounds 2 and 3, make some slip stitches (12 in my case) to shape a big smile !

When done, cut yarn and leave a tail to fix the yarn in the back, but mostly to add the vertical line in the middle of the mouth !
When you reach the middle of the mouth, let the yarn needl pass from back to front...

... and pull the all the yarn and make the needle enter a space just under the pompom and go to the back again, where you complete the sewing !!!


In any top stitch (just above the eyes) insert the tip of your hook, where you have just made a slip knot with a new colourful yarn!
In this stitch make a single crochet stitch (=SC) and chain 3 (or more if you like). Chain 5 extra stitches and insert hook in 2nd stitch from hook and make 1 slip stitch. Work other 3 slip stitches in the next 3 chains. Chain 5 again, insert hook in 2nd stitch from hook and work other 4 slip stitches. You will have something like in the following picture ...

... then, slip stich again in the same chain of 4th slip stitch of first point made, work 3 SC in last 3 chains. Slip stitch in same stitch of starting SC.
Make 4 slip stitches along the top of the circle (or more, or less : it depends how wide you will love the gap between the 2 antlers!) and in the same top stitch of last slip stitch made work 1 SC.
Repeat the same pattern given for the first antler and when completed (just after the last 3 SC), slip stitch in same starting stitch, cut yarn and fasten off ! Antlers done!!!


Sew in all the ends of both circles and put them back on back. Using the yarn needle with the long tail left on the second circle, sew them together with simple stitches. Cut all the excess of yarn.

Then add the safety pin on the back ...

Open the pin and push the head in one of the stitches between rounds 2 and 3, from right to left, and let it come out when the pin is covered enough, see ?? ...

Not difficult at all !!!

So, if you are crocheting a lot of  Rudis, you will be surrounded by a happy group of rainbowdeers, like myself ...

Would you love a complete Rudi, instead ???

... Next time, maybe ????? ;oD

xxxx Alessandra


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