Friday, 1 April 2016

Make it! April Fool's Day Fish !!!

Today could be a day full of jokes .... all over the world !!!!
In Italy we have the custom to cut out a fish from a piece of paper (read here !) and we try to stick it on the back of a person (trying to be gentle, so that the victim is not aware of it) and then laugh at her/his shoulders .... silly, but such fun when I was a kid!!!

Today, instead, I will love to give you a mini pattern (no photo tutorial, sorry!) that allows you to crochet some little fish to gift to your friends ... no jokes here!!!

  • some colourful cotton yarns
  • a hook or more : I was working both with  3,5mm (one strand) and 4mm (2 strands). I've used once even a 3mm hook!
  • a pair of scissors
  • safety pins
  • buttons
  • yarn needle
  • a needle to sew on the buttons
Remember that I follow the US crochet terminology ! ;oD

April Fool's Day Fish PATTERN :

Choose a bright colour from your cottons (any other fibre is fine, too!) and make a slip knot on your hook
Row 1 : chain 3, make 3 hDC (= half double crochets) in first chain, chain 2 and turn
Row 2 : (increasing row) 2 hDC in first stitch, 1 hDC in next stitch, 2 hDC in last stitch, chain 2 and turn
Rows 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 : work 5 hDC, chain 2 and turn
Row 8 : (decreasing row) 2 hDCtog (= half double crochets together : decreasing!), 1 hDC, 2 hDCtog , chain 2 and turn
Row 9 : (decreasing row) work 3 hDCtog, chain 2 and turn
Row 10 : work 3 hDC in same stitch, chain 2 and turn
Row 11: 3 hDC, chain 2 and turn
Row 12 : (increasing row) 2 hDC in first stitch, 1 hDC in next stitch, 2 hDC in last stitch

From now on, you can choose between two options :


chain 1 and slip stitch all around the fish body, until you reach again the tail and
Row 13 : 1 SC (= single crochet) in first stitch, [2 DC (= double crochet), 1 slip stitch, 2 DC ] in third stitch, 1 SC in last stitch

Cut yarn, fasten off and trim ends in . Sew on a button as the fish eye.


You can decide to not slip stich all around the fish body, so, instead, at the end of row 12 you can chain 1 and then turn
Row 13 : as in option 1

Cut yarn, fasten off and trim ends in. Sew on a button as the fish eye.

When working on my colour block fish, I preferred to use option 1, while working with two strands together (baker's twine effect) I used option 2 !!

The only exception was the above pink/white one, where I still used option 1 !!!

As usual, I'm not able to post just a couple of pictures .....

So, if you wanna follow the Italian custom, just add a pin to your fish and wear it all day long !!!!

You can even decide to make a simple necklace , as I did ..

Have fun today, xxxx Ale

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  1. Aw, these are super cute Alessandra! A lovely shoal of 'yarny' fish - hurray :) Hope you have a fun April Fool's Day!
    Alison x

  2. Great to hear about all the funny april jokes. Great for a good laughter. I love the fish-joke. I'll try it today in my hometown. Thanks for sharing this story and pattern.

    Have a pleasant 1e of april and a grat weekend, Margaret

  3. How fun! Very cute!
    Kate :}

  4. So much fun and great to see you on craft schooling sunday, been a little bit short on the crochet projects!

  5. Cute fish! I love the different colors!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ The Submarine Sunday Link Party


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