Saturday, 14 September 2013

Mini net bags !!!!

It all started HERE, with following embellishments HERE !!!!

.....and I wanted to do more mini bags, but during the Summer : NOT ONE!!!

When back from holidays, well, my fingers were so itchy that I cannot control them anymore, so I crocheted THIS ONE, using the Craft-A-Day Year Project as an excuse !!!!!

I was not able to stop, so right now I have two more bags.....

the green one is here, too, today....

A happy trio, isn't it? ;oD

....I could stop crocheting more of them, but honestly : WHY ???? ;oD

Happy Weekend, xxxx Alessandra

Today link : Link Your Stuff !craft schooling sunday  and Creative Friday !!! See you there, too!!!!


  1. really gorgeous, love the handles and the particularly the green one! time to set up an etsy shop I reckon! Heather x

  2. The brown/pink one is my favorite! xx

  3. Really cute bags! Who would ever prefer a plastic bag over these ones?
    x Nathalie

  4. Cute little bags! :) Similar bags I made a few years ago for the little daughters of friends, but yours look so cheerful!

  5. You are so creative and productive! I love your beautiful crochet bags, and the red and white handles look especially lovely. Adorable little house too!
    Helen x

  6. Very cute! I agree, I love the handles! They must be the perfect little shopping bags!
    Kate :}

  7. All three are beautiful, Ale! I like the detail of the house! I admire you how productive you is! you never ceases to create beautiful things! kisses from Catalonia!

  8. These bags are so fun! I love how creative and productive you are :)

  9. Sooo beautiful!! I think my favorite is the green one. Or the brown one? Ah, I love them all ♥ :D

  10. What a fun project! Thanks for sharing on craft schooling Sunday!

  11. Fabulous! Beautiful bags, each one of them! :)

  12. I love these bags. They look like they would be really easy to work up. The handles and the cute little felt creations attached really finish them off nicely. Your work is always spectacular. Best wishes, Tammy


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