Monday, 19 January 2015

The London Zoo !!!

I've been there once in my twenties….
So,  a couple of days before New Year's Eve, Matteo Tobia and I decided to pay a visit to the animals of the London Zoo….
We took our first tube train of the holiday and we reached Camden Town. From there we had a 15 minutes walk to the gates of the zoo. It was a cold morning (what else?) with blue blue skies and I had a  new warmer jacket on my shoulders (and my chunky scarf + my lovely hat !!!!) : we were all covered up for the occasion!!!
I don't love zoos, but I love animals a lot and so do my boys. Zoos have their limits, but I love their animals' conservation projects, so I hope our money will be used for a good cause!
We had a lot of encounters (I loved the tigers and the giraffe, deeply!) but I didn't take pics of them all (such as reptiles! bleah), but we did see all of them! The boys had the map in their hands and I had to follow their decisions….
We had even an unexpected meeting ….

not good to take a picture of me in a distorting mirror….

After these beauties (who doesn't love tigers?), we had a stop for lunch at the zoo restaurant and … look at the next photo ….

Do you know David Mitchell ????
Well, since I live in Maputo, I do !!!! Unbelievable, right????
Every Tuesday night, Paolo, our boys and I switch on the TV on BBC Entertainment and we watch shows like QI and Would I lie to you?, just to have some fun or laugh (when I'm able to follow the quick repartees!!!)…. That's why I know that guy!!!
Matteo and Tobia were so worried I wanted to stop him to have a chat to explain how we know about his existence, but I promised them not to do that! Even though I was so tempted…..
This photo is not great, but I find funny that Mr Mitchell is close to the sign "feeding time at the zoo"…

Our tour can resume now !

… we forgot to collect the picture made at the zoo entrance with all 3 together …. I know I have avoided to spend a ridiculous amount of money for a silly pic, but I still think about it …

xxxx Alessandra


  1. You had a great visit! How funny that you saw David Mitchell! Not who I was expecting at all, I thought it would be one of the Paddington Bear statues that are all around London. I love giraffes, so I really liked seeing those pictures especially. xx

  2. It really looks fantastic. And eventhough it was cold the animals where trying to get some amount of sun. Love from Tinie

  3. I think I went there when i was about 8 and also again at about 24! I bet you could track down the photo if you really want it...! X

  4. What a great day you and your boys had a London Zoo! I loved the pictures especially the penguins!!
    Helen xox

  5. So many great pictures!
    Thank you for sharing.

    P.S. Did you see the ant eater? According to me it was the best animal in all of London zoo!

    1. NO!!! I DIDN'T!!!! Such a pity….. I think I've missed something amazing, did I?
      xxxxx Ale

  6. Lovely photos, penguins always make me laugh :) xxx

  7. A lovely visit! Gotta love London aircraft lines in the sky :-)
    Did you see an okapi? There are some in the Pretoria zoo - and they are curious - they will walk right up to the fence!

  8. Looks like a lot of fun! Aren't penguins fun to watch?!
    Kate :}

  9. What a lovely set of images. And aren't giraffes just the most amazing creatures :o)


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