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Make it ! 3 Ovals Wrist Warmers !!!

Do you remember these ones ??? You can click here to refresh your memory …. ;oD
Some friends asked me if it was possible to have an idea on how to crochet these simple, but original gauntlets ….

… well, I've prepared a photo tutorial/pattern for you to follow and make your own pair of wrist warmers !!!! Are you smiling and clapping your hands for the excitement ? You have to!


  • a crochet hook (4mm)
  • some yarn (I decided to crochet my wrist warmers with MODA Vera MARVEL 8ply 100% acrylic)
  • stitch markers (at least 4 of them, max 8)
  • a pair of scissors
  • a yarn needle
  • I follow the US crochet terminology!
Each wrist warmer is made of 3 ovals, that are joined together using the "join as you go method" in the same way I did herehere and here, with a slight variation : for this project I chose to insert the hook under both loops of the same stitch (not only the back loop).

I think that the following pattern is not suitable for beginners, but if you are one of them I invite you to try anyway : a good challenge is what we need to improve our skills, right?



first round :

Pick up the hook and make a slip knot on it, then chain 40 (loosely)
N.B. : if you prefer a shorter wrist warmer, just chain less stitches for your foundation chain. On the contrary, if you would love to crochet a longer one, just add more chains !!! Easy peasy!!!

then wrap the yarn around the hook (you are going to crochet your 1st DC, or double crochet) and insert the tip of your hook in the 4th chain 

After this first DC, crochet other 36 DCs , so that, at the end of your foundation chain, you will have 37 DCs + ch 3, where the "ch 3" has the only function to reach the height of the 1st DC stitch at the beginning of each round : don't consider it as a stitch at all.

Now, in the last stitch you made your last DC, you have to add 4 DCs (so, there will be a total of 5 DCs in the same stitch), to give a rounded shape to your oval-to-be : you are crocheting the first semicircle 

As you can see in the above picture, after the first semicircle is done, you start to crochet another straight side in correspondence of the previous one : just crochet 1 DC in each base of the former DCs!
You have to crochet a total of 35 DCs, before to start the 2nd semicircle

In the base of the 1st crocheted DC, you need to crochet 4 DCs to form the 2nd semicircle of the oval shape, then make a slip stitch in the top of the first DC (skip ch 3!) to close this first round of the wrist warmers.

Please note that I put the stitch markers (4) in the first DC of the first straight side and at the end of the same side (DC #35). The other two are put on using the same concept : stitch markers in the first DC (just after the 1st semicircle) of the 2nd side and one in the last DC (DC #35) of the same side, just before the 2nd semicircle.
Note that the 1st DC made in each round is considered as the last DC of the 2nd semicircle, so the DC #1 for each round is usually the 2nd one that you crochet after the ch 3 !!!!!! ;oD

This is what you will have at the end of your first round 

I know that the picture is a little bit dark, but it shows what I was trying to explain to you few lines above !!!

second round :

Just chain 3 and crochet 1 DC in the same stitch

As you can see from the above picture, this DC that you have just made is situated just before (look at the stitch marker) the real 1st DC of the straight side (the one in the pic is of the previous round; we are going to crochet our 1st Dc of this round right now!)

After 5 DCs you will have

and after DC #35 is crocheted (before to start the 1st semicircle!) 

Now in each top of the previous DCs (they are 5, remember?) you need to crochet 2 DCs,  so that in the semicircle you will have a total of 10 DCs : in the semicircles you increase the number of the stitches (just think what happens in each round of a circle made of DCs!)

After 5 DCs done along the second row (next the 1st semicircle)

Add the remanent 30 DCs

and repeat what you did with the 1st semicircle, with a subtle difference

Even here you have to increase the number of your stitches, from 5 to 10. But you have to do it differently for the last 2 stitches of this semicircle. 
Do the first 4 increases as usual : (look at the first pic) 2 DCs in each stitch top, so you will have 8 DCs. Then, in the next DC (see 2nd pic) just crochet 1 DC (that is the stitch marked 9 in red) and make a slip stitch in the top of the first DC (marked with 10 in the 2nd pic) of this round, that is considered as the last DC of the 2nd semicircle !!! Simply done !!!!

third round :

Start as for the 2nd round : ch 3 and crochet 1 DC in the same stitch

Then, crochet the usual 35 DCs along the straight side 

and start the first semicircle to increase : 1 DC in first DC, then 2 DCs in the next DC. Repeat other 4 times. You will have 15 DCs in this semicircle

Again, 35 DCs along the 2nd straight side

the second semicircle :

As for the 1st semicircle : (1 DC + 2 DCs) 4 times (see 1st pic). Then 1 DC where 13 is  marked in red and 1 DC where 14 is marked in red : look at both pics, 1 and 2, to get the idea. After this last DC, just make a slip stitch in the top of the 1st DC of the 3rd round! In fact this 1st DC of this last round is the 15th stitch of your 2nd semicircle!!!

Your first oval is completed, so 1/3 of your 1st wrist warmer

Now you can cut the yarn and FASTEN OFF!!!!


first and second rounds :

follow the instruction given for the first oval

third round :

ch 3 and crochet 1 DC in same stitch, crochet 35 DCs and make the first semicircle, as for the first oval, nothing less, nothing more!

Then start to join the first oval to the second one you are crocheting : you have to join the 35 DCs of the previous oval with the brand new ones (35!) you are going to crochet using the "join as you go method".  HOW ????

Put the 2 ovals (right sides facing you) in front of each other along the straight sides.
Collect out the stitch marker close to the last stitch of the first semicircle of the second oval and start to work your 1st DC, only the first half : wrap yarn around the hook, insert hook in the top of the stitch, wrap yarn around hook again, pull it back to the front of your work, wrap yarn around hook once more, pull it trough the first 2 loops 

as you can see in the above pic, you have done the first half of your 1st DC and you still have 2 loops on your hook!
Now bring this piece of crochet near the first oval, so that its straight side has to face the one we are working along in the 2nd oval-to-be. Collect off the stitch marker from the 1st oval, while wrapping the yarn around your hook

insert the hook in the top of the 1st DC of the 1st oval and wrap the yarn around the hook

pull the yarn through the top of the stitch to the front of the work (you will have 3 loops)

and pull this "loop" through the other 2 loops : first join and DC done!!!

You have to repeat this other 34 times, to complete the straight side! You will notice that the 2nd oval will overlap the 1st one along the joining side.

After a dozen of joins/DCs you will see something like the following

and at the end of the joining …

Now you can complete the 2nd semicircle of the 3rd round in the usual way, slip stitch in the 1st DC, cut the yarn and fasten off !


first and second rounds:

same pattern as for the first oval!

This time I wanted to use more colours, so I changed them at the beginning of each round !!!! ;oD

Third round 

ch 3 and 1 DC in the same stitch

Then you have to crochet the joining/DCs as before! Just remember that the ch 3 + 1 DC are not used in the joining, because they will be part of the 2nd semicircle to crochet at the end of the joining!
When you start the 2nd DC, that is the 1st DC of the straight side, this is the stitch you begin the joining !
As you complete the 1st straight side, you will have something like this

Then you can complete the first semicircle as usual

After that, you need to fold your work (right sides in front of you) so that you will have the last straight sides facing each other

Collect out the first stitch markers on both sides and start the last joining

last joining done ….

Then the last part to finish : first the 2nd semicircle, then slip stitch in first DC, and last cut the yarn so you can fasten off!!!!

the first wrist warmer … collage …

try it on …

…. and crochet the second one to have a nice pair !!! ….

… as you can see, I crocheted a mismatched one and I really love this kind of design !!!!

What about you????

If you find the join as you go method a little bit tough, I suggest you to try more simple ways to join together the pieces of your wrist warmers : you can attempt a different crochet technique or just sew them using a whip stitch, for example!

I warmly suggest you to add decorations or embellishments just before doing the last joining : it was hard to crochet a simple line of slip stitches on a completed wrist warmer …. anyway, you learn by making mistakes … most of the times, at least!!!! ;oD

Let me know about your experiments with this pattern, more difficult to write than to follow … I hope!!!!!

xxxx Alessandra


  1. Whoohoo! Thank you for this detailed pattern of your fun wrist warmers Ale!

  2. These fabulous warmers will certainly make winter bites go away :)
    Love them!

  3. These are fantastic Alessandra - you write great tutorials! You would need these in Scotland this Summer - brrrrrrr!! Great to see you back :) :)
    Alison xx

  4. Love your wrist warmers Ale - they are pretty, playful and unique. Thank you for the tutorial. :)

    1. thank you Debi for liking them!!!!! ;oD
      xxxxx Ale

  5. Very pretty, so nicely colorful! Good mood gauntlets :-). Thanks for sharing, dear! Sunny greetings, Nata xxx

  6. Great tutorial!
    Greetings from Marijke

  7. Looks like a great tutorial! So nice to see you!!
    Kate :}

  8. Lovely! I'm a beginner, but I might just give this a try. Thank you for sharing your talent.

    1. Let me know how the experiment will end!!!!! ;oD
      thank you, xxxxx Ale

  9. Love your pattern! I'm excited to try it out for my daughter! :-) Thanks for sharing!

    1. You are more than welcome, Amber!!! Send me a picture when the pair is done!!! I would love to see it and show it to the world!!! xxxx Ale


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