Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Mitered squares

Last year, when we first arrived in Jk, we had to live for a while in a very nice flat and I
was "nicely" bored. Kids were at school and I was desperate in finding a new home and the search was not easy.....!
After lunch, I usually used to sit on the sofa, maybe watching tv....It was a long time to stay there and doing nothing, so I started to knit some mitered squares (it was my first attempt!) from some acrylic yarn balls that I had in my luggage....
I didn't have a huge selection of colours with me (my yarn stash was still on the ship sailing from Egypt to Indonesia.....and I was hoping no pirate attack will steal my precious treasure!!!), but I eventually knitted a dozen of mitered squares!
These squares rested in my knitting bag for almost a year! But yesterday I started to sew them together and....Would you like to see what have I done?

I started in collecting a pair of squares, that I pinned to a little zipper and then I sewed them on with a double cotton floss. Easy peasy!

Then, I paired the squares and I started to sew them together using a blanket stitch. Now I have all my yarn with me, so I decided to use a bright turquoise! Nice, eh? Note that the stitching stops at the end of the second side, because...

.....I had to "squeeze" the non-sewn sides, so that you have a kind of pyramid! The tricky part is the following :

You have to pass the yarn through the holes at the top of one half side....can you see? I hope so!
After this passage, you can start again with the blanket stitch, so that you can end the sewing!

So, you will end with something like this! Do you like them? I think they are really cute!
You can find my Ravelry notes HERE !!!!

...By the way....

...this is...


Nice to meet you all!
Have a good day and see you soon! xxxx

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