Monday, 31 October 2011

Raining cats and dogs !!

Yesterday my husband and our big boy went to Sentul City (located ouside Jakarta, south), because there was the annual family gathering with the employees of ENI, the company which my husband is working for.
I've made a selection of pics to show you what they did during the morning.

When they arrived, around 8am, it was sunny. Matteo had the chance to try the "flying fox", so he prepared himself with all the safety garments required and he climbed a high me, too high!

He had a lot of fun and I truly believe him! After this, he started to play football with some of the kids that joined in. Even the rain "wanted" to share the moment,so.... Take a look at some pics....

He didn't play football only, noooo, he wanted even to build a dam....

Hard job, I have to say! As you see, all the kids had a lot of fun! The mums a little less when they got back home to wash the clothes, soggy and deeply dirty (red argyle, sigh!)....Oh, what fun......!!!!

I spent my morning at home, instead, with my little boy. No rain here, only a lot of crafts to finish and to enjoy! Good enough for me!

The project is close to the end! Just some little extras and you'll see it in all his splendour!

See you soon, xxxx

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