Friday, 27 May 2016

Make it ! Sombrero Ring Holder !!!

The inspiration for these sombreros comes from Lauren's Mini Sombrero Crochet Pattern .

In fact, the first sombrero (the one with the blue edging) is crocheted following the original pattern, while the next ones (pink and yellow edgings) have in my personal variations to Lauren's pattern.

My sombreros (all of them) were made using a 3,5mm hook and cotton threads.
You need, also, a pair of scissors, a yarn needle, a stitch marker (as working in spiral, it's a good idea to identify the first stich of the round) and a small amount of toy filling.

All the sombreros are crocheted using a pale blue cotton thread

and the colourful edging is made with single crochet stitches (=SC, abbreviation) (US crochet terminology) and picots (each made of 3 chains). Every 3 single crochets, you make a picot!

First Sombrero

Is the one with the blue edging

I simply followed Lauren's pattern.
The only difference is the final embellishment, as I preferred picots to French knots ! ;oD

Second Sombrero

This one has a pointy cone and a slightly larger base.

Some variations were added to the original pattern :

chain 2
round 1 : 4 SCs in the first chain made (4 stitches)
round 2 : 2 SCs in each stitch (8 stitches)
rounds 3 and 4 : crochet 8 SCs around (8 stitches)
round 5 : repeat [1 SC + 2 SCs] 4 times (12 stitches)
rounds 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 : crochet 12 SCs around (12 stitches)
round 11 : 2 SCs in each stitch (24 stitches)
round 12 : crochet 24 single crochets around (24 stitches)
round 13 : repeat [1 SC + 2 SCs] 12 times (36 stitches)
rounds 14, 15 and 16: 1 SC in each stitch around. Slip stitch in first stitch of the round (end of round 16), cut yarn and trim ends in.

With a different colour, add the round of SCs and picots.

I added even a third sombrero to the group

To put the sombrero's cone in the condition to stay straight, you have to contrast it's natural floppiness with the help of some toy filling (use a skewer or the bottom of a pencil to push it inside)

I think that it would be nice to gift a set of sombreros to a friend, maybe 3 or 5 : What do you think??

My cat Margot was very sweet to try one on ....

xxxx, Alessandra


  1. Hi , good idea and ohhh... love the pussycat with his hat, haha. byebye

    1. Thank you, Francien!!!
      Happy weekend, xxxx Ale

  2. Adorable! Thanks for the tutorial ... great as a gift ... so a few sombreros! :-)

    1. you are more than welcome!!!!
      happy week, xxxx Ale

  3. These are lovely Alessandra! How kind of Margot to model one for you - she looks very sweet :):) Alison x


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