Thursday, 5 May 2016

Another scarf from a Japanese chart !

Scarves and Japanese crochet books are a kind of obsession of mine ... I know, but there is nothing wrong with it. I love these books for a lot of reasons, especially the styling and the graphs... I find hard sometimes to follow a written pattern, because each designer has her/his own way to put down directions and they can omit something that for me, instead, is necessary to understand the design/motif. Furthermore, not knowing any Japanese word (mostly because I cannot read it!!!), I feel better because I avoid the reading of superlative adjectives attributed to the crochet works displayed , which maybe are simply nice and not so extraordinary .... I just look at the picture and I value by myself if it's worth it or not the hard work : so simple!!!

So, in one of my favourite books (you can see the cover and the picture of the chosen pattern ai the above picture), on pages 22/23, I found the "Zigzag Border Muffler", while the chart is on page 73.

The design calls for a certain brand of yarn and a small hook (2,25mm), but I decided to use my yarns (ELLE PURE GOLD DK : 003 spritz, 074 sage, 202 honey, 205 salmon, 206 blossom and 208 clover and Kartopu Lake 1001 grey) and, consequently, different hooks : 4mm (with the colourful yarns) and 5mm (with the grey yarn, even if I'm sure I could use a bigger hook!).

With these differences, my scarf came out different from the one pictured in the book! My scarf is bigger than the one given : 230cm (without fringes/pompoms) x 30cm !!! The scarf from the book measures : 104,5cm x 19,5cm !!!!! If you consider the fringes, which are 10cm long, my scarf's length reaches 250cm!!! Not bad!!! ;oD

I really enjoyed to crochet this ripple pattern and how it changed, just adding a new colour ...

I really like the contrast (well seen on the back of the work) between the thinner yarns and the chunky grey and the result is lacy and cosy at the same time ...

Another personal touch is given by the fringes : the original pattern shows just the pompoms ...

Even though there were some tails to trim, the scarf was quick to crochet, ready for my shoulders in the next chilly days, as in Mozambique winter is the now season (!!!!) ...
Ready to wear, as you can see ...

xxxx, Alessandra


  1. Wonderful! Especially just working from a chart!!

  2. I love this -- especially that sweet fringe!!!! (saving that one for my idea book!)

    1. I wish I was writing a book (a mystery would be my thing!) but no, it's just for my own inspiration -- I collect stuff like this that I think is lovely and then when I need something new to make I look at all of the ideas I've collected!! :)

  3. Ma che bella,Ale!Non sapevo che i libri giapponesi avessero gli schemi.Grazie dell'info.Anch'io odio le spiegazioni scritte.O schema o piuttosto mi arrangio.;-) Buon fine settimana!😘

  4. Heel mooi ... al helemaal met de bolletjesrand! Ik haakte al een kussen in ripple... maar het lukte me niet erg goed...Jouw sjaal is echt heel goed gelukt.

    1. thank you Kris!!! Try again with your ripple pillow : it will be better for sure!!!
      Happy weekend, xxxx Ale

  5. Very nice! Japanese crochet books are the best!!! I still LOVE and use the ones you got me! :)
    Kate :}


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