Thursday, 12 May 2016

A new knitted triangular scarf !!!

In February, I made my first triangular scarf (HERE) ...
.... and yesterday I completed a new one !!!!

I decided to follow the same pattern used for the previous scarf, but selecting a different colours scheme, more bluish ....

Using the same circular knitting needles (4,5mm), I started my project with a royal blue (found in my yarn stash) from SIRDAR "Wash'n'Wear" DK double crepe and I chose other yarns to add later on ...

It was a calm knitting, as I used to knit some rows each time (very rare!) I was getting bored with my crochet projects (yes, more than one at a time!) ...

When the royal blue was gone (no more from my stash), I decided to join (look HERE) the new colour (ROWAN RYC cotton jeans, shade 363 blue wash, 2 balls) ...

After this shade, I decided to add few rows (I ended my work at row 220) of SIRDAR Snuggly DK shade 0385 twisted blue

... and off the knitting needles ...

Honestly, even though I love blues, I found my scarf a little bit dull, so I decided to add some extra details in neon colours ....

Happy with that !!! But more happy with the addiction of some mini pompoms and tassels ...

So, my happy ending is the following ...

... You can se it even in the dark ... :oD ....

xxxx Alessandra


  1. Beautiful scarf. Nice colours and with a little bit of fun.

    Have a nice day, Margaret

  2. I don't understand how you can be bored of crochet. But I really love you scarf. It's beautiful.

  3. Your additions to the scarf bumped it up from pretty to pretty fabulous! :)

  4. Hello Ale,

    I totally love your scarf, it is amazing. Those colours are something I nwould wear myself! When can I borrow it??? ^^

    Ingrid xx

  5. How cute is that! It has quite an ethnic look about it I think. Seriously - you didn't really get bored of your crochet projects????, hehe!


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