Monday, 6 August 2012

Make it! Recycling a little plastic hanger!!!

Why not???
Collect a little plastic hanger (mine was 25cm long and 4cm high, not considering the hook)

and grab some yarn to start with and a hook

attach the yarn with the hitch called "Lark's head"(check on the official boy scout!eh!eh!)

now you can start to crochet, using a simple stitch : single crochet!

As you go on with your work, remember to push your stitches closer one to another, so that you don't leave any space in the between, ok? Perfect!

Maybe you would like to know how to do a single crochet in this situation....well, I'll show you right now!
You have the working yarn in the back of your hanger

with your hook in the front, wrap the yarn around it

so, pass the wrapped yarn through the loop that you have on the hook

then, pass the hook in the back of the hanger and wrap the yarn around it

pull the yarn through the loop on your hook

You have just to repeat this pattern all the way around the hanger!

Now, if you want to weave in the ends during your crocheting, put the tail in a tapestry needle

then pass the needle under the stitches (in the back of your work)

and pull out the needle with the thread at the point you prefer and cut

You can change colour whenever you like

and go on as I told you before!

to add a new colour, join the new one to the last loop of the previous one, wrapping your hook with the new colour and pull it trough the loop

restart to follow the pattern as before!

and go on and on.....!!!

at a certain point you'll reach the hook of the hanger

where you'll change the direction of your work!

and you'll arrive to the tip of the hanger hook

weave in all the tails : TA-DAH!!!

not finished yet....not for me!!!

So, I collected some embellishments ....

and I've attached them to the hanger....

you can use your hanger as a decoration for your room or any other place that suites you!!!

See you soon, xxxx

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  1. a sweet little hanger, I must look out for one of these. It's also a great way to cover the round plastic handles for crochet bags! nice to see your sweet decoration. Heather

  2. It's very cute - great idea to display little crochet motifs. :)

  3. great to see you Alessandra on Craft Schooling Sunday, and love this idea! I always thought those little hangers would be great for crafting, but never quite got around to doing anything with them, so thanks so much for the great inspiration!

  4. I am so sorry Alessandra, I haven't written any comment to you as I am on holiday.. I have seen your plastic hanger just now.. This is a very clever idea.. I like it so so much..
    Happy Sunny Days..

  5. What a lovely little make over.

    Have a fabulous weekend,

    Nina xxx

  6. are a genius! fabulous
    have a super lovely weekend
    love jooles x

  7. What a great idea...and I love the bright colours and little extra embellishments! Have a wonderful weekend.
    Helen x

  8. This is amazing! I've always wondered how to crochet around something. Thanks for the tutorial.

    I love how you re-purposed 'blah' plastic hanger into something so fun.

    Crocheting over hangers would also be a great way to make non-slip hangers for clothing too!

    I'm pinning this project to my to-do list. :)

  9. Gorgeous, such a cute idea! I love your bag in the previous post too, I've started making one if those too but so far it's unfinished! Jxx

  10. Good thing with so few materials can do this kind of thing. Much nicer than those proposed by theHanger factory


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