Monday, 27 August 2012

A "necked"(eh!eh!eh!) granny!!!

What should you do with a vivid granny square...

...and a huge selection of colourful buttons?????

simply (sure?) pick the ones you like most to stitch on your granny square!!!!

First, I've knotted a string (a bright yellow shoe string, in this case!) at one corner...

... then, select one button at a time and shoot all the choices, so you would be able (still sure?) to choose the perfect combination...

... I think that after a short while you'd better to stop (!) and choose the winning idea....this one, maybe?

Ok, now grab some cotton threads to sew the buttons on the granny...

... and opla'(!!!):

Obviously (who could stop me?), I've added some little extras : blue wooden beads, little pink glass beads and a couple of mini pink bells (at the bottom of the pendant)....!!!

...and around the neck....

Well, I'm done here! You can find my granny square necklace even here ! Thank you!!!

See you soon, xxxx


  1. Woah, Ale, how many buttons are these!! I would like to have some! ;-)

    The necklace is so cute... You always have so good ideas...

    You can open a shop at "Dawanda"!

    Xoxo, Miriam

  2. Hi dear Alessandra, You always have interesting ideas. So beautiful necklace...:))
    You know I am a jealous woman.. I will make the same....:))))
    Happy new week and all best wishes...:))

  3. So much fun, love your creativity! Thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday!

  4. Oh, I nearly missed this. What a cute idea, great job, Alessandra!


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