Sunday, 19 August 2012

Our last day in Valle d'Aosta : Issogne Castle and Fort Bard!

Sadly, after our visit to Aosta (have a look here), the day after it was our last holiday day.....
We tried to enjoy it looking for other two castles and the sun agreed with us!!!

Our first stop interested the castle of Issogne, so beautiful inside, but you were not allowed to take any you have some little hints from the outside...

After this visit, we reached Fort Bard, that is huge and magnificent.....but I forgot to take a whole picture of it.....sorry!!! Hope you can enjoy it in pieces through my pics....

....and some glimpses of the medieval village of Bard...

Ooooh, oui c'est magnifique!!!!!

If you would like to gain more informations about this region, you have to link to Regione Autonoma Valle d'Aosta - Sito Ufficiale , where you'll find tons of useful notions!!!

Our B&B was called Lo Tata'(here) and the owner is a nice girl named Federica (here). She is really kind (even her 3 kids!) and she prepares organic cakes and bread for your breakfast!!! Go and visit her if you decide to visit Fenis and the surroundings: you will not be disappointed!!!

See you soon, xxxx


  1. Was that red contraption a lift?! Now that would make my knees wobble! Ada :)

  2. I love these pictures!! I wish I could be there...
    XoXo, Miriam

  3. Fantastic photos of your lovely hols Alessandra - the sun truly shone for you! (Love the pic of your boy - very cool!)

    The castle and fort look truly inspirational :) :) xx

  4. Wow! What a great place!!! Pics really took me there!

  5. looks fabulous and so interesting, plus organic cake and bread for brekkie ..... perfect!
    love jooles x


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