Friday, 3 August 2012


My mum gifted me four cutlery pockets...

.....and these gave me an idea on how to use my trio of granny squares (two squares and one rectangle, to be precise!)....

If you remember well (!!!), you have just seen them in this previous post here!

So, I collected them and then I put them in the right sewing position...

Using a 3,5 hook and some red yarn, I started from the bottom to join the granny squares (with the single crochet stitch)

and the first corner...

The first side done...

...and eventually the second one completed!!!

Then I had to join the squares in the centre

So, you can can compare them right now...!!!

I'll show you the back of the work...

...and at work (;-D).....!!!

Simple, useful and nice I think!!!

My cutlery pocket will join Creative Friday at Natural Suburbia !!!! Please, come with me and have a look!!! Thanks!

See you soon, xxxx


  1. Hi dear Alessandra, But... Your granny squares are more beautiful than mine..:))
    Actually you are crocheting so beautiful things and you have very clever ideas.. I have read most of your posts and I saw you make really nice and pretty crochets..:))
    Thank you very much for your sweet comments.. I like your comments so much..:))

  2. I love them, I might have to make some for our place; the kids would love them when they setting the table!

  3. You are so Creative! It Looks so cute... Very Great!
    Ciao Bella, Miriam

  4. Just catching up here. Goodness, your hook and your camera have been busy, judging by your last few posts.

    Looks like you had a great time away :D


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