Saturday, 4 August 2012

My first crochet bag.....(part 1)!!!

Do you remember the big big colourful granny square that I showed you here???

Well, this morning I collected it out from my bag of endless projects (!!!) and I pinned it on my bed, just to block it with the use of some starch...

After this process, I measured it : 59cmx59cm....!!! Is it the right size for an handbag? Yap!!! ;-D
So, yesterday morning I went outside to buy a pair of bamboo handles and, luckily, in one of my drawers I found an "old" little tablecloth (never used!), with the perfect print and thickness...

I was often distracted with some zooming of the granny square, so...

After cutting the tablecloth to the right size, I put it on the iron board to pin the corners and then iron/sew it...

When the ironing and sewing were completed, I obtained this fabric square...

So, I pinned this floral lining to my huge granny square...

Maybe, one day, it will be like this (more or less!)...

....Infact, I need a needle to complete the sewing of the bag....I have to go out to reach the haberdashery shop....I think I can wait till tomorrow morning....oops it's Sunday tomorrow!!!!! ;0D

I think I will add even some pockets inside the bag, like these ones...

Ohh, I really love this fabric, I really do!

In the meantime, all my 3 boys (my hubby joined us last Tuesday: yeah!!!) went out for a walk up to the hills and mostly to try their new!eh!eh!

See you soon, xxxx

P.S.: please come with me at the following party here, ok? Thank you so much!!


  1. Really like the combination of the crochet and floral fabric! I've managed to 'follow' you this time, blogger wouldn't let me before so now I will know when you put a new post on! Ada :)

  2. What a lovely granny square and the bag you turned it into is just so cool. Thanks for sharing your project with us.

  3. The bag is so bright and fun! I love the idea of the granny square pockets. So cool! I'd love to see how those turn out too! :)

  4. It's such a great idea to make a bag with this big granny square. The fabric looks realy lovely and matches perfect...
    I'm so excited on the result...
    Nice Sunday, Miriam

  5. Hey Alessandra,

    I've awarded you the "Dearest-Blog-Award" right now cause I love your blog so much!
    Look at my newest post...

    Love, Miriam

  6. I think it will make a gorgeous hand bag. I really love the HUGE and colourful granny square (and I think it would be lovely as a pillow too)!

  7. Hey Alessandra, I love the colours you used in your granny square it's lovely and vibrant and as a bag will be very useful.
    Great to be able to recycle the tablecloth too......
    Nice to finish a project too.

    Have a great weekend,

    CLaire :}


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