Thursday, 30 August 2012

Beauty is where you find it # 29/12 !!!

....Some weeks ago, I was collecting out the dishes from the dish washer and the vivid colours of these plastic cups made me run to grab my camera to take a couple of pics...

What do you think? Are these colours "candy" enough to enter the weekly photo challenge at luzia pimpinella ? We'll see!!!

see you soon, xxxx


  1. Yes yes I like the colors as I like orange color so so much... I attribute my necklace to you...:))
    If you visit my blog, You may see the same necklace as you made before...:)) I am just a jealous girll..:))
    Thank you very very much all your sweetheart.. Thank you very much and all happy happy days...

  2. Oh yes, they are surely candy enough, wonderful colors and great pics!

  3. Oh, I love bright colors. These are just so cheery. :)

  4. very bright, lively colours. But.... if you "dress" the glasses with a crochet "coat" in a contrasting colour?


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