Thursday, 16 August 2012

A lot of pics from a short holiday!!!!

Last week, we booked a lovely room at a B&B (more details in a further post!!!) in Fenis, a little village in a northern region in Italy, called Valle d'Aosta.
Amazing mountains, scenarios, richness of fresh water, sunny days, castles and a lot more!!!
We arrived in Fenis in the morning (around 11 o'clock), where we jumped off the car to visit a beautiful castle...
Grab a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy the beauty and the magnificence of the castle and its surroundings....!!!

right after the visit to the castle was finished, we decided to stop in a nearby playground with a well organized picnic area....We had yummy sandwiches stuffed with speck and brie and I enjoyed my after lunch time just looking at my boys playing so well together.....happiness is very simple....

See you soon, xxxx


  1. Hi dear Alessandra, Thank you for sharing your very nice photos of your short holiday.. This is very good for me because you know I like historical places and also countries history so so much.. I read so much about countries history but seeing the pictures of places is more important than reading.. Sorry for my poor english, I hope you understand me.. I like old vintage castles so much.. But I never see a castle in Turkey.. When I went to Poland I saw an old castle but I want to visit some countires expecially Italy after this November.
    Thank you very much again..
    Happy Summer days with your sweet family..
    All blessings...

  2. Hey Alessandra,
    beautiful pictures - I love old castles!! They are so magical...
    XoXo, Miriam

  3. How wonderful!!! My sort of day out!!!
    what wonderful photographs too and in your latest post-amazing!
    This is what a fairytale castle should look like to me....I'd get lost here ...for a while and then a nice cuppa tea would be just right.

    fab holiday!

    Amanda :-)

  4. Oh, Italy....
    I love this little place. That castle looks so magical!


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