Sunday, 15 December 2013

Make it ! A crocheted butterfly !!!

An easy craft that doesn't take time or amounts of yarn : a kind of quick stash buster, instead!!!

You'll need :

  • a crochet hook (5mm in my case)
  • some colourful yarns (at least 2 different colours to crochet body and wings)
  • a pair of scissors
  • a yarn needle
I'm following the US crochet terminology!

Choose a colour and make a slip knot on the hook, then chain 23 ( 20+3, where 3 chains equal your first double crochet)

Yarn over and insert your hook in the 5th stitch from hook, where you crochet your first real double crochet (DC)

Make other 18 DCs , so you reach the end of your first row (total stitches : 20 = 19DCs+beginning 3 chains)

Cut the yarn, fasten off and make a double knot with your yarn ends, so to have a couple of antennae for your butterfly-to-be. Trim the excess of yarn.

Now, you need to change the colour of yarn and you have to find where to start to crochet the first wing. Count 6 stitches starting from the antennae and other 6 stitches from the bottom : the 7 stitches left are the ones to consider for your crocheting!

Make a slip knot with the new yarn and insert the hook in the first stitch on the right and crochet your first single crochet (SC). Crochet 6 more SCs in the remanent stitches. Your first row is done!

Chain 1 ….

…. and turn your work

2nd row : (back) 2 SCs in the first stitch (= one increase), then 1 SC in each stitch (total stitches : 8). Chain 1, turn

3rd row : (front) 2 SCs in first stitch (= one increase), 1 SC in each stitch ( total stitches : 9). Chain 1, turn
4th row : (back) 2 SCs in first stitch (= one increase), 1 SC in each stitch (total stitches : 10). Chain 1, turn
5th row : (front) 2 SCs in first stitch (= one increase), 1 SC in each stitch (total stitches : 11). Chain 1, turn

6th row : (back) 2 SCs in first stitch (= one increase), 1 SC in each stitch (total stitches : 12). Chain 1, turn
7th row : (front) In this last row there are no more increasing, but we'll crochet a couple of scallops, just to better shape the wing!
1 SC in first stitch, skip the second stitch, make 5 DCs in third stitch, skip fourth stitch, make 1 SC in fifth stitch. Crochet 2 SCs in stitch 6 and 7; skip eight stitch, 5 DCs in ninth stitch, skip tenth stitch and make 1 SC in eleventh or twelth stitch!!! Fasten off : the wing is done!

The second wing is worked as the first one ….

I really like the butterflies kept simple as above, but my curiosity pushed me to try even some embellishments, using some silvery yarns…

….and the pink one is hanging from our tree…

The inspiration for this butterfly comes from a pattern I found previously on Pinterest ( crochet ladybug coasters by Soxie), following which I made a ladybird, too …

The body of my butterfly is the same as the ladybug's

Thank you Soxie for the inspirational kick!!!!

xxxx Alessandra

Today link : Link your Stuff!  See you there!!! xxxx


  1. Ingenious! I love these Alessandra - a little string of them would look lovely :)
    Alison x

  2. Cute butterfly. Thanks for sharing your tutorial with us. :)

  3. lovely! I love your little butterfly and ladybug. so cute!
    merry christmas, dear.

  4. Too cute Ale, would love to see some of these butterflies in my garden and that lady bird....♥

  5. This is so cute! I love butterflies, I must try this :)
    Thank you for sharing!

  6. just seen this, very sweet, i do love the ladybird! Heather x


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