Saturday, 14 December 2013

Lovely bloggy friends….

Heather, the sweet, witty and sensitive hostess of my little red suitcase, crocheted one of my little christmas trees…. and I think her decoration came out beautifully….

…..after reading her dedicated post (!!!!!!) I was speechless….. for me this is a sweet Christmas present for sure!!!! Thank you Heather, with all my heart!
I think she deserves a nice visit from you all!!! So, don't be shy and say "Hi" to Heather ! Thank you!

At the beginning of December, I sent a little parcel (a belated birthday gift…. shame on me!!!!!) to another bloggy friend : Nic, the excellent photographer and witty hostess of LUZIA PIMPINELLA blog!!!
As a gorgeous and lovely thank you, Nic made a beautiful picture of the given presents and she sent it to me (as an attachment to a nice email!)…

…..speechless, AGAIN!!!!!!!

Thank you ladies, you made my weekend!!!!

xxxx Alessandra happy weekend!!!!


  1. Your crocheted trees are the sweetest!! So fun to see everyone making them! xo Heather

  2. Wat een leuke kerstboompjes toch! Ik denk dat ik er me toch ook eentje ga maken. De kleurtjes zijn zo vrolijk!
    Fijn weekend!

  3. @Onlie : I would love to see one made by you, too!!!
    happy weekend, xxxx Ale

  4. Such a sweet tree, happy Christmas crafting x

  5. I really love your xmas trees!

  6. Hello Alessandra! I found you via Heather at Little Red Suitcase, and must say What a lovely Blog you have! Following you now!

  7. So great that you inspire all those people worldwide with your sweet Christmas tree!
    Love from Mirjam xxxxx

  8. Very nice little trees!
    Great to inspire and be inspired isnt it?!

  9. So much inspiration to be found and friendships to be made. Love Heathers' tree......XX

  10. Such a simple, yet such an effective project! This is next on my to do list! I too love reading Heather's blog. Bloggerland is indeed a wonderful place :)


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