Saturday, 7 December 2013

Busy! Busy! Busy!

So many things to do, to complete, to wrap and to send away!!!
This, more or less, is the summary of my last week!!!!

I'm crafting as my usual, but this time all my work is finalised for Christmas!!!! I know that you all are in the same boat as me! I'm excited, but even a little bit tired sometime, because of the time table I have to keep up with!!!! It happens once a year, so I know that I can do it by the end!!! ;oD

Last week, I started to crochet a hat following a japanese chart from one of my books…

But I realised that something was wrong, because the finished hat was not for an adult, but for a toddler!
The problem was due to the given size of the hook, that was wrong! In fact, the book stated a 3mm hook, but the right one was, instead, a 5mm!!!!
I solved the thing, just adding a big neon pink pompom and a neon green brim : this hat was given to a little young lady that is 1 and 1/2 year old!!!! ;oD

…. I'm not giving up from my original purpose, so, following the same pattern but with different hook and yarn, I started to crochet the adult hat….

In the meanwhile, I started to accommodate the first Christmas decorations around the home….

…. and this morning my husband, with the help of Tobia, collected the Christmas tree from the box, so that tomorrow we'll decorate it !!! In the next days I'll show you more about the Christmas decorations around the all house!!!

I've crocheted more grannies for my last project (here and here, too!!!)…

What else????
Oh yes, just few pics of the presents I was wrapping yesterday….

….potholders and butterflies brooches and a colourful….

….there were more handmakes, but I forgot to take the pictures of them!!!!! Too busy !!!!!

xxxx Alessandra
Happy weekend!!!

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  1. @madebymali : thank you so much!!!!
    xxxx Ale

  2. Hi, I love the matroeska, and the hat with the pompom.... ohhh.. so cute! byebye Francien

  3. Lots and lots of beautiful makes Alessandra. As always it is a tonic just to see all those gorgeous combinations of colours. The beanie with the giant pom pom is so cute the little one has just got to look wonderful wearing it!!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

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  5. oh wow, I ♥ your handmade decorations ánd the hats ofcourse!

  6. Che bei regali !Devi trovare qualcuno a cui infilare il cappello ?!Hai ragione , siamo tutti nella stessa barca più o meno in ritardo!
    Baci e buon lavoro

  7. Love the hats Ale - and everything else too! Have fun decorating your tree. I'm thinking about doing ours today too. :)

  8. It is a lovely hat! I love the green trim and pom-pom.

  9. lots of making I see, so funny about the hat! but you are perservering that's good. Next up for me one of your trees! Heather x

  10. I love both versions of the hat ... that's a very stylish pattern :)

  11. Hahahaha! This too happens to me, always I'm wrong size Everything has a solution! Beautiful Christmas decorations, Ale! Have a nice day!

  12. @Cristina: Doing mistakes is the way to learn!!! Honestly, I hope so!!!!
    Take care, xxxxx Ale

  13. Yes you are busy! But what a lovely hat and those pompoms are fab:)

  14. @Andre'e : thank you for your lovely comments!
    xxxxxx Ale

  15. That pom pom really makes that little hat! Cute!! Such a busy crafting time of the year! I'm going a little crazy here myself!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Kate :}

  16. I love the colours in the hat - a toddler is going to be very lucky indeed! Shame it won't fit you!


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